5 reasons to have a pet in your life – from dogs to cats, birds to turtles, fishes or even spiders. They all make your home delightful in their own special way.

5 reasons to have a pet in your life

Frequently, when talking about pets, people immediate think of a furry friend. However, nowadays, more animals are becoming house friendly and species that you would never think about having as a pet, are being considered. The kind of animals you want to be loyal to may vary, but they all have one thing in common: they brighten up your day. They make us laugh and bring an honest happiness to our lives. Besides being buddies for a lifetime, it is scientifically proven that pets have an important role in improving the owners’ health.

  1. Pets boost your energy and make you fit

Research has shown that spending time playing with your pet can relieve a lot of of the tension and fatigue of human beings. Playing with cats and dogs also helps to increase brain activity and enhance pleasure, tranquillity and sense of peace. Feeling rejuvenated after spending time with your pet is one of the most common emotional states among pet owners. Also, animals that need to be walked daily, will make the owner exercise more. Your pet will not only be grateful, you will too. Consider your pet, in this case, as your personal trainer!

2. You will never feel lonely again

If you live by yourself, or simply if your partner works different shifts than you, having the company of an animal will decrease feelings of loneliness. Not only because the creature depends on you but also because you rely on it. Cats, and mostly dogs, are constantly waiting for you to get home. How cool is that? They are up for a snuggle or a nap, as they are to play and eat. If you own a pet that doesn’t need to be walked – like a bird or a turtle – it is still good if you spend some time with it.

3. They can help you make new friends

Having pets that need to be walked will make you go out more often. Initially, the new routine might be hard to deal with but over time you will enjoy it – and even miss it if you skip! Once you start doing it, you will meet other pet owners and animal lovers. Having a small talk with people might just become easier for you, with your faithful furry friend.

4. They can improve your immunity system

You will have a more close relationship with germs and bacteria if you have a pet. This natural – and it isn’t a bad thing. The new germs in your habitat may help you improve your immunity system to fight against colds and other mild illnesses. Scientifically speaking, it is proven that babies who live with animals tend to develop fewer infections and are generally healthier. (However, if you are already allergic to fur or pet dandruff, it is not worth to risk your health. You won’t suddenly become immune.)

5. Pets teach kids responsibility

All kids, at least once, ask their relatives if they can have a horse, a hamster or a dog. Generally, children love animals and if they are responsible enough for themselves, they can start to share the duties. Having a pet may teach them more about important skills, such as cleaning, feeding, grooming and teaching tricks. Empathy and nurturing skills will also be developed.

Take note: Before making the decision to have any kind of pet, make sure that you are aware of the costs and responsibilities. Don’t forget about checking shelters instead of buying animals. There are many fluffy friends that have been abandoned that could use a new family.