A BOARDING LINE. Two-act musical written and directed by Matthew Kingwill and Stephan Fourie. Musical director: Tertia Harley. Choreography: Robyn Humphrey. Lighting/sound: Gary Fargher. Costumes: Matthew and Caryn Kingwill. Set design: Stephan Fourie. A Curated Event show. At The Masque Theatre, until 20 June 2021. SHEILA CHISHOLM was there.

The moral behind A Boarding Line is … when the captain in charge crash-lands an aircraft, he/she may not necessarily be demoted to that of serving flight passengers coffee.

It’s (also) just possible that the despised co-pilot may not replace you in the cockpit. So. hang on, life has a habit of walking its own path – not always the anticipated one.

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A strong cast

That’s where we meet a despondent Captain Jo Samuels, played by Regina Malan (Me and the Sky). She’s convinced her flying days are over. As the female captain responsible for the aircraft’s safety, she was placed on special leave after a serious incident.

We don’t actually learn what that incident was. But Emma, Jo’s friend and Head Stewardess (Sian Atterbury), the entire cabin crew, and airport staff, wholeheartedly support Captain Jo returning to her job (9 to 5).

Perhaps the exception is Check-In-Girl Julie played by Caldine Wyngaard (Almost There). Not quite so young, she feels life is whizzing by. So when co-pilot Billy Kodaly (Dudonne Diergaardt), shows more than a passing interest, (All I Care About is You/A Whole New World) she falls in love, until discovering he is a two timing so-and-so.

Billy, an Al Debbo-esque dreadlocked character is, by co-incidence, son to AWL Airways’ Chairman. A connection he plays to his advantage until he gets his just desserts (Grand Knowing You).

A Boarding Line Curated Events show
A Boarding Line is a plausible two-act story

A glorious voice

Amongst this strong cast particularly pleasurable was seeing and hearing the delightful Sian Atterbury. A long time G&S favourite, her charming soprano (You’ll Never Walk Alone) rings true, as does her empathy towards downhearted Jo.

Malan has a glorious voice. This she uses to maximise her emotional depth and her performance well deserves a nomination for an Amdram award… when amateur theatre starts flying again.

I’ve met Wyngaard, before. She’s indeed an accomplished triple threat actor whose vitality never fails to add value to any show in which she performs. I loved her calling Billy to task for being fickle.

Tam Hattingh is (to me) a welcome newcomer. She’s gracious, speaks clearly, moves gracefully.  Hopefully we see more of her.

Co-writers Matthew Kingwill and Stephan Fourie’s song choices from popular musicals, weave a plausible two-act story together. Set in an airport departure and arrival lounge, the engineers who set-up a working carousel deserve honourable mention. As does Robyn Humphrey’s suitable choreography and Tersia Harley’s musical direction.

Overall the crew’s warmth and happy energy receive my personal thanks for having brought life and laughter back into The Masque theatre. May other societies soon follow.

The Masque Theatre must never be allowed to die.

What: A Boarding Line show
Where: Masque Theatre Muizenberg Cape Town
When: Until 20 June 2021
Book: +27 76158 4688, curatedevent.co.za