Travis Hornsby and Maddie de Villiers in A Feast of Flight's Doris and the Wizard of Oz. Picture: Lindsey Appolis
Travis Hornsby and Maddie de Villiers in A Feast of Flight’s Doris and the Wizard of Oz. Picture: Lindsey Appolis

The third A Feast of Flight pole dance production is a twist on the classic The Wizard of Oz, which follows Doug on a journey to transformation after running for number one spot in the Emerald City Drag Race.

Joseph Stone Auditorium

A Feast of Flight Doris and the Wizard of Oz takes place on Friday, 26 and Saturday, 27 July 2019 from 7pm at the Joseph Stone Auditorium (corner Protea and Klipfontein Roads) in Athlone, Cape Town.

A Feast of Flight is a one of a kind extravaganza created and produced by The Pole Project (in Woodstock), presented in collaboration with instructors and students from studios around the city: AIR Fitness Studio (in Bellville), Pole Dance Cape Town (in the CBD), Vertical Secrets (in Table View) and Wild Pole Flow Movement (in Bergvliet).

So this July, get out and join Doug on a trip down the yellow brick road and meet all the weird and wonderful characters he runs into along the way. From his encounters with the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion, to Glinda the Diva of Oz, the Wicked Witch and the Wizard; Doug experiences a new lease on life when he realises his true self – Doris.

The first of its kind, A Feast of Flight 2017 was a contemporary play on Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, where Alistair was followed down a rabbit hole of dubious choices until he eventually slayed his “jabberwocky” demons. In 2018, they met the peculiar confectionary maven, Willy Wonka and his famous Oompa Loompas as they followed five competitors battling it out to be the new face of the brand.

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The 2019 show is set to be just as fabulous as years past and the storyline just as quirky. Director of A Feast of Flight and owner of The Pole Project, Kathy Lee, says, “There’s no shortage of familiar classic stories and fairy tales to choose from when we start conceptualising a theme. The trick is to choose a storyline that can be updated to be made more accessible and relevant to a modern-day audience, but that’s also fun and creative to keep the audience enthralled. This year The Wizard of Oz came to mind”.

“Of course, every production has its challenges. Trying to bring a story to life through dance and costumes alone is not an easy task. Then it’s trying to coordinate routines and intense practice sessions between five different studios and performers who are just everyday individuals with full-time jobs. I believe that it is our extreme passion and determination that allows us to produce such a professional production year after year”, Lee continues.

A Feast of Flight Doris and the Wizard of Oz

Of the growing contribution of studios from across the city Lee says, “A Feast of Flight was created to promote and showcase the artistic and athletic side of pole dance, because not many people regard the art form as such. And it was an opportunity for our students to show off their strength and abilities in front of a captivated audience. However, the event has grown to such an extent that we now have a number of studios on board that share the same vision. The fact that we have other studios expressing an interest in taking part each year is a real testament to the ever-expanding pole dance community and to what we’ve created”.

A performance of Charlize and the Chocolate Factory

Drinks and snacks will be on sale and there’lll be secure parking around the Stadium. The show contains adult themes and parental guidance is advised.

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