Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist presents a six week season at the Roxy Revue Bar at GrandWest. The show will run from 1 May to 9 June 2019.

Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist

Having performed in theatres for the past 26 years, Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist has become a household name in stage hypnotic entertainment. Although the essence of his show has remained the same for the past 26 years, each show is different because Andre never knows just what will happen on stage.

Telling a person he is a washing machine or pop up toaster might have you believe that the volunteers will perform certain actions – but Andre is the first to admit that he never has an idea on what will happen as his volunteers are let loose on stage to allow their imagination to take control of the show.

Andre’s show is a family affair where mom and dad can volunteer, and friends and children can watch their hilarious antics on stage. It’s innocent, fun entertainment for young and old where anybody can become the star of the show. And for 75 minutes Andre will have you in stitches of laughter as he has volunteers impersonate anything from a kettle, a goldfish, a shark or a school teacher.

Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist has entertained over 500 000 people, and he likes to remind his audience that all volunteers are exactly that – volunteers. He always starts his show with an introduction to how hypnosis works and exactly what he will be doing, before asking for volunteers. There is normally never a shortage of people willing to be the entertainers for the evening! The worst type of volunteer is usually the one forced, dragged or coerced to take part in the show – which just doesn’t happen.

What: Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist

Where and when: Roxy Revue Bar at GrandWest from 1 May to 9 June 2019

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