Best Things to do in Woodstock When you live in Woodstock you have an insider’s eye for what’s happening, so here’re the Best Things to do in Woodstock from MEGAN FURNISS who very much loves her ‘hood.

Whether you want to walk your dog, go for a swim, drink craft beer, buy rizlas or rotis, score a giant fish or eat a tasty ice-cream, you’ll be able to do it here. For an insider’s guide to walking, shopping, playing, eating and drinking in Woodstock, we’ve got the lowdown.

Best Things to do in Woodstock:

Trafalgar Public Pool

The pool has recently reopened with a gorgeous facelift. New tiles, new lawn, new brick paving and it still costs R8 to enter. It is a game changer on a hot weekday morning. Open from 10am to 5pm.

Unframed, Bootleggers, and Spar and Clicks in the Woodstock Quarter

Voted one of the best ice cream parlours in the world, Unframed is making its deliciousness in the new little shopping complex, Woodstock Quarter, in Sir Lowry Road. They have a brilliant range of flavours and a few special vegan ones too. There is a big and spacious Bootleggers next door, and a well stocked Spar and Clicks inside the centre.

Queens Park Dog Park

If you have a dog then this is where to hang out, throw the ball, socialise, and catch up on dog owner gossip. Regulars come at regular times, usually in the mornings or late afternoons, and most people know the names of the dogs and not the owners.

LT Discount Paint 123 Victoria Road

DIYers and builders come from all over Cape Town to get the best deals in paint.  There is always somebody to help, with recommendations and advice, and the prices are the best in Cape Town.

Peter the Haircutter

In a hidden recess of Masons Press in Ravenscraig Road is Cape Town’s most famous Peter the haircutter. Peter knows hair, what it does and how it behaves. He is unafraid, bold, clever, sensitive and an expert.

Fish 4 Africa 230 Victoria Road

A family run business supplying affordable, fresh and available fish to locals and restaurants. An old fashioned fish shop that has kept up with the times.

Balmoral Supermarket 189 Victoria Road

Balmoral Supermarket got a makeover a few years ago. The aisles are wider and there is definitely more stock. Seasonal fruit and veg, meebos, spices, rotis, all the basics, and some other weird stuff worth trying, like hummus crisps. They also have those gorgeous giant sacks of basmati rice.

Coronation Bazaars 60 Coronation Street

Do you need an emergency plastic bucket and spade? A lock and key? Wrapping paper? Fresh curry leaves? Furniture polish? One tomato? A 2l Jive? A pair of earrings? Rizla paper? A giant pineapple? Coronation has probably got that weird thing that you need.

Woodstock Brewery 252 Albert Road

A delicious, whacky, wide and affordable range of local craft beer, on tap or in bottles or cans. There are traditional, unusual, and completely off the wall flavours and styles and tastings in their laid back bar are a pleasure.

Kwaai Lappies 2 Victoria Road

Thread, lace, elastic, facing, binding, buttons, ribbon, decals. Kwaai Lappies puts the haber into dashery. Have a clear idea of what you want, or you will be swallowed up by all the possibilities.

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