BIG BOYS DON’T DANCE. Directed by Vanessa Harris. With Ash Searle and Brad Searle. Kalk Bay Theatre.

Big Boys Don't Dance review


The Big Boys series has gained massive traction over the past decade, and it’s easy to understand why. Brothers Ash and Brad Searle tick all the necessary boxes: Great dancers, amusing actors, with warm stage personas and washboard abs. What more could one want? Audiences around the country – and even abroad – all seem to agree that the package is perfect. Hence the popularity of the Big Boys productions. And this latest version at the Kalk Bay Theatre is actually a return to the beginning.

It was ten years ago that Ash and Brad first made their Big Boys moves, and while many audiences have seen their story progress, there are also those who missed Season One (myself included). So in the spirit of celebration – and a little bit of nostalgia – we get to see how it all began.

Silly and funny with smooth dance moves

The story is silly and funny and an entirely suitable vehicle for the guys to show off their smooth dance grooves. Ash is about to get married, but something bad happens to his soon-to-be father-in-law’s smart car during a wild bachelor evening. Brother Brad comes up with a crazy plan to earn big bucks fast and replace the car. Which takes the boeties around the world (literally) in search of fame and (more importantly) fortune. All of which must happen before the looming nuptials …

Ash and Brad are savvy enough to throw in several snappy updates to the script, making this more of an update then a replay, and the slick audio-visual accompaniment keeps the pace flying along. With hip-hop, modern, and the odd gymnastic flip thrown into the mix, Big Boys Don’t Dance makes you realise exactly why this brand works so well.

Who knows, in 20 years time we could be seeing another reboot. I wouldn’t be surprised!

What: Big Boys Don’t Dance

Where and when: Kalk Bay Theatre until 7 June 2019

Book: Here