Wristwatches: Time Is Big Money

Vintage watches do more than just tick. Get advice on investing in a wristwatch that appreciates in value from Paul Maudsley

Antiques: SAADA In With The Old

Paul Mrkusic is an unlikely antiques boff. He’s mostly responsible for face-lifting the SA Antique, Art and Design Association

Kudzanai Chiurai’s art

‘While the Harvest Rots: Possessing Worlds of Kudzanai Chiurai’s Art’ is to be launched by Goodman Gallery, Cape Town

APP: Customized Travel Content

Marriott reimagines its new mobile app to meet the needs of world travellers. It puts power in the hands of Marriott Rewards members

Decor: Top Homeware Trends

Beautiful, rich hues, natural fabrics and artisanal creations all make up the Woolworths Winter Homeware collection from March 2017

Workout: Drumming with Ripstix

Let’s see if this is 2017's next big thing. Pound is a high-intensity workout fusing yoga and Pilates. You’ll lose weight and get energised while rockin’ out

Art: Girolamo Marri’s cognitive maps

The Consulate of Italy is partnering with Capo d’Arte and Cape Town Art Fair to bring cutting-edge Italian art to Cape Town

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