Wed, Aug 21, 2019

Review: ‘Resident Evil’ Wrap

Follow Alice as she returns to where the nightmare began: the Hive in Raccoon City. Here she meets up with old allies and faces arch enemies

Movie review: The horror!

Megan Furniss really, really enjoyed an hour and a half of being totally creeped out when she saw 'Rings', which opens this week

Film: World Arts Cinema at The Fugard

A feast of cinematic ballet, opera and theatre is lined up at The Fugard for the '2017 World Arts Cinema Season'

Telly: New Planet Earth On BBC

Tune into Super Secret Celebrity Weddings, or wise up on needy Human Pups – a subculture of people who strive to become their own pet

Video: Neo-Noir Music for Card on Spokes

Portuguese film-maker Sara CF de Gouveia has written and directed a video for Card On Spokes, aka hotshot bassist Shane Cooper

Review: ‘XXX’ Action All The Way

Vin will never be Arnie, or Double Oh. He's really just his own man. Here he strips down for another tough new assignment with Deepika Padukone

#OscarBuzz: Now It’s Your Turn To Crit

With the 2017 Oscar nominations just in, the golden statues are being polished for the 89th Academy Awards ceremony hosted by Jimmy Kimmel


Music Diary Whats On!

Ndlovu Youth Choir live
What's totally hot and cooking on our Cape bandstands. UPDATED: 19 Aug, 2019

On The Boards

Stage: On the Boards

Here's To You review
Here's your weekly theatre guide to what's on in Cape Town. UPDATED: 16 August 2019:  

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