Mon, May 25, 2020
'Little Boy Blue'

TV: ‘Little Boy Blue’

Based on a true story that shocked a nation, ‘Little Boy Blue’ is a powerful four-part factual drama about an innocent child’s murder  
'Twin Peaks'

TV: ‘Twin Peaks’ mania hits

Twenty-five years ago, a dark murder-mystery unfolded every week on television in the peculiar little town of Twin Peaks …
Tyres and Braaiers Nik Rabinowitz and Chef Hezron Louw

Synopses: ‘Tyres and Braaiers’

Join Nik Rabinowitz and Chef Hezron Louw as they tour in a pimped up Polo, a 1985 Corolla and 1931 Austin Seven

Nat Geo: ‘The Surgery Ship’

A new doccie series from National Geographic follows medics saving lives on ‘The Surgery Ship’ – they see rare, unbelievable illness
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 review

Review: ‘Guardians of Galaxy 2’

This 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' sequel offers more of the same dazzling CGI, funny one-liners and a simply adorable Groot voiced by Vin Diesel
love by chance directed by Samad Davis

Review: ‘Love by Chance’

‘Love by Chance’ is a glossy film that is a rom-com in name only. Atandwa Kani and Altovise Lawrence star in this South African film
Review Johnny is nie dood nie

Review: ‘Johnny is nie dood nie’

Adapted by director Christiaan Olwagen from a stage play by Malan Steyn, ‘Johnny is nie dood nie’ brings his scripting skills to the big screen

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