Wed, Apr 21, 2021

Breakdancing: ‘Shake The Dust’

This AfriDocs film chronicles the influence of breakdancing, exploring how it strikes a chord in the slums, favelas and ghettos of the world

Telly: New Planet Earth On BBC

Tune into Super Secret Celebrity Weddings, or wise up on needy Human Pups – a subculture of people who strive to become their own pet

My Series: Feeling the chill

Megan Furniss got ‘Trapped’ for the weekend, and loved every guilty minute of this magical and foreign series

Tumi Morake

Funnybone: Comics Get Roasted

Abominable insults, jokes, original one-liners – a group of comedians steel themselves for quick-fire comedic combat on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle

Showmax: Holy Grail for Fokof Fans

Cult band Fokofpolisiekar’s doccie, 'Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do', gives fans a better insight into their early years

Telly: Rich Kids Of Social Media

Wise up to Very British Problems, or travel to the Arctic with BBC Worldwide Channels' range of entertainment this January

Petrolheads: Top Gear Season 24

The first clip of the upcoming 24th season of Top Gear is here. Matt LeBlanc will star in the show, which is coming to BBC Brit channel 120

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