Wed, Jul 24, 2019
Ruth Wilson in 'Hedda Gabler'

‘Hedda Gabler’: National Theatre

‘Hedda Gabler’ is the latest National Theatre production to be ‘live’ broadcast, with limited screenings. Megan Furniss is shattered
Tony Miyambo in 'Kafka's Ape' at the Alexander Theatre

Review: ‘Kafka’s Ape’ is superb

'Kafka's Ape' at the Alexander Theatre 'makes the audience prickle with feeling and tears', says our reviewer. Catch this short run

Review: ‘Chapter 2 Section 9’

‘Chapter 2 Section 9’ is a is a harsh reminder of how far South Africa still has to go. Tracey Saunders reviews this compelling narrative

Review: ‘Design For Living’

The Masque Theatre is hosting Noel Coward's work about a menage a trios, which was thought to be scandalous in years gone by

Review: ‘El Blanco’ at Kalk Bay

James Cairns brings the spirit of the mariachi to the Kalk Bay Theatre with ‘El Blanco', brilliantly written by Gwydion Beynon

Review: ‘Marat/Sade’ at the Baxter

‘Marat/Sade’ achieves the perfect tonal pitch with a glorious cast, oustanding design and an unsettling relevance. A triumph, reckons Tracey Saunders

Review: ‘Sillage’ will linger

Poignant, visceral, political, personal - the FDC award-nominated 'Sillage' will linger with you, says Tracey Saunders in her review


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On The Boards

Stage: On the Boards

Brett Bailey Macbeth
Here's your weekly theatre guide to what's on in Cape Town. UPDATED: 19 July 2019:  

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