Come Dine With Me SA 12 Come Dine With Me SA 12. That’s right, it’s week twelve of BBC Brit’s riot of culinary missteps, mishaps and mistakes.

The show is back in Johannesburg with a new bunch of hopeful hosts. Up for the challenge this week is events planner Lizanne, recycling champ Donovan, Lydia the picky food technologist and sales coordinator Tanya. All four of them have some smooth moves in the kitchen. But with the cash prize in mind, which outrageous host will ultimately come out on top?

 Come Dine With Me SA 12: Contestants

 Name: Donovan James Van der Walt

Occupation: Environmentalist

Hosting menu: Deep fried pasta balls in a three-cheese sauce. Rib eye served with roasted wedges and chargrilled salad. Cherries jubilee with homemade ice cream

What is the one thing people will be shocked to find out about you? I’ve represent SA in swimming.

Name: Lizanne Fivaz

Occupation: Self Employed

Hosting menu: Prawn risotto, beef cheeks with parmesan mash and deconstructed berry pavlova

Why did you audition for the show? I’ve always been a huge fan of Come Dine With Me South Africa, way back from when it started in the UK. I love cooking and who doesn’t want their 15 minutes of fame. I also think that my cooking skills put me in a good position to win.

Name: Lydia Shoniwa-Sagonda

Occupation: Quality Assurance Technologist

Hosting menu: Biltong soup, oxtail and creamy sweetcorn polenta and a one man forest

Who would be your ideal four dinner party guests (dead or alive?) Beyoncé, because she’s Beyoncé! Afua Osei – co-founder of She Leads Africa, we are best friends in my head, I love her level headedness, business acumen, passion and sheer resilience mixed with a healthy dose of ‘cray-cray’, definitely my kind of person. Siba Mtongana – she’s an amazing chef and a really nice person, I admire her love for the kitchen and fearlessness when it comes to going after what she wants. Lastly, Dr Myles Munroe – so much wisdom in one man!

Name: Tanya Crouch

Occupation: Internal Sales Coordinator

Hosting menu: Meatballs, Tequila Lime Chicken and White Chocolate Cheesecake

Why do you think Come Dine With Me South Africa fans will support you? Because of my triple B’s – I’m Blond, Beautiful and Bubbly.

Come Dine With Me SA 12

 Come Dine With Me SA 12: Game on!

Night one falls to Lizanne, who’s almost-seamless prep gets her off to a great start. With a prawn risotto starter, slow cooked beef cheeks for mains and berry pavlova desert, will her playful guests appreciate her efforts? It doesn’t take long until the night takes a turn as Tanya is left reeling after a guessing-our-ages game goes horribly wrong and Food Technologist Lydia can’t face her prawn starter (named Barry!) staring at her. But what night is ever perfect?

It’s mamma’s boy Donovan’s turn to host and what could go wrong with homemade pasta balls with three-cheese sauces for starters, rib-eye steak with brandy reduction for mains and cherries jubilee for dessert? It turns out a lot, but will Donovan’s solid prep and expertly-made homemade pasta pull his night through?

Lydia is in the hosting hot seat on night three, hoping her biltong soup and naan for starters, oxtail with creamy polenta for mains and one mean black forest cake dessert will wow her guests. The night is full of laughter with Donovan confessing to not being able to pee unless the toilet water is blue and Lizanne reflecting her dreams about Donovan. But did the food cut the mustard?

The final night falls on sales coordinator Tanya to cook up a storm. With her “pure meat balls” for starters, tequila lime baked chicken with veg for mains and a white chocolate cheesecake for dessert, her guests have questions about the menu from the get-go! Was the best saved for last, or will Tanya fall at the final hurdle?

What: Come Dine With Me SA 12

Where and when: BBC Brit, DStv Channel 120 on 27 May 2019