Come Dine With Me SA Episode 6It’s Come Dine With Me SA Episode 6, where the show moves back to Durban to try out some new recipes – and a few puns.

Name: Dorothy Ann Rossler

Occupation: Primary School Art Teacher

Hosting menu: Starter of avo and salmon stack, mains of Harissa Chicken and a dessert of Tiramisu

What’s the one thing people would be shocked to find out about you? I’m a hoarder of items that are special and sentimental to me

Name: Stuart Cook

Occupation: Hotelier

Hosting menu: Starter of prawns, mains of beef cheeks and banana split for dessert

Why did you audition for the show? My wife and son made me do it. They also want me to do Master Chef and Idols, but I can’t sing

Name: Laureen Nonhlanhla Mxoli

Occupation: Digital Marketing Manager

Hosting menu: Starter of creamy batata soup, mains of tri South African sishebo and a dessert of moist Tipsy Chocolate Shandisi

What’s your cooking style? Through my travels, I enjoy picking up different things and “meshing old + new”

Name: Shantel Queripel

Occupation: Marketing Co-ordinator

Hosting menu: Starters of risotto balls with basil pesto sauce, mains of butter chicken curry with naan bread and cucumber salad and a dessert of green and gold sweeton mess with a shot of Homemade Amarula

How would you describe yourself? Punny, down-to-earth, loud and friendly!

Come Dine With Me SA Episode 6 Synopsis

It’s week six of BBC BRIT’s Come Dine With Me South Africa and four Durban hopefuls step into battle to win the coveted R10k cash prize. Witness Chantal, a rugby enthusiast with a penchant for relentless puns, go up against hotel chain manager Stuart, digital marketer Laureen and quirky art teacher Dorothy in this pun-a-minute riot – who will be the host with the most?

Come Dine With Me SA Episode 6

Night one belongs to rugby-mad Shantel who hosts a Springbok themed event, complete with green gum-guards and a thousand puns a minute. Literally kicking things off by blowing a referee’s whistle, things go from mad to madder as they sample her starters “Let’s Get the Ball Rolling” (risotto balls with pesto), her mains “Curry Cup” (butter chicken with naan bread) and her dessert “Sweet Victory” (a Green and Gold Sweeton Mess)! If her guests thought Chantal would run out of puns after her night, they had another thing coming.

Night two arrives and it’s art teacher Dorothy’s turn to host, hoping she can woo her guests with her salmon avocado stack starters, harissa chicken mains and tiramisu dessert. With Chantal’s dire hatred for avo and Laureen’s disgust for tiramisu, some would say she gets off to a sketchy start. You would hope her art class entertainment would turn things around, but instead it turns into pre-school fights and insults. Oh dear – two more nights to go!

Hotel chain manager and high-flyer, Stuart takes on the hosting hot seat on night three but will his cooking be up to scratch? With Raki-marinated prawns for starters, beef cheeks for mains and Durban craft rum marinated banana’s with rum and raisin ice-cream to finish, he’s in for a good chance. But guess what – Chantal hates bananas and by the end of the evening all the others were wishing she hated puns too!

It’s the final night and Laureen delivers a traditional Zulu menu with a twist, as she hopes her creamy Batata soup, a trio of South African Sishebo (a three-way tripe, chicken and beef stew) and her moist tipsy chocolate shandisi will win over the palettes of the group and score her the prize. Laureen had a few puns of her own up her sleeve, but will it be enough to claim the ten thousand rand?

What: Come Dine With Me SA Episode 6

Where and when: BBC Brit on DStv Channel 120, Monday 15 April 2019 at 8pm