Lewellyn Afrika of Darkroom Contemporary Dance Theatre. Picture: Oscar O'Ryan
Lewellyn Afrika. Picture: Oscar O’Ryan

New Works is an interdisciplinary performance project launched by Darkroom Contemporary. It’s a vibrant, contemporary programme that merges sound, motion and technology in a series of innovative representations of new dance.

The venture consists of informal performances, educational workshops, and forum discussions in Cape Town early in 2019. New Works brings together the mediums of dance and experimental or electronic music to showcase innovative work while maintaining the high artistic standards of the company.

A schools performance will take place at Dance For All in Athlone on Saturday 23 March 2019 at 12pm. It will be followed by a Q&A session where young people can learn more about a working dance environment.

Darkroom Contemporary Dance Theatre’s work is choreographed by Louise Coetzer. “It exists as a vehicle to reimagine dance as an art form within the current contemporary society. With innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration at its core, the company produces works which delight, excite, engage and inspire”, she explains.

Isabel Ray Darkroom Contemporary Dance Theatre. Picture: Oscar O'Ryan
Isabel Ray of Darkroom Contemporary Dance Theatre. Picture: Oscar O’Ryan

Phase 1: Until April 2019

This phase included a redevelopment of a previous work created in 2018 – CLONE. The multi-faceted dance piece used neoclassical and contemporary dance movement languages, dramatic stage design and an innovative approach to the direction of the work.

The New Works project will also facilitate a repertoire and movement composition workshops. The company will host workshops with Dance For All, Jazzart Dance Theatre, UCT and Indoni Dance Theatre.

Studio Sessions classes also continue every Friday for the duration of the project. Free, open contemporary classes are offered at UCT as training and experiential learning opportunity to the Cape Town dance community.

Company rehearsals and classes are open at request. Here audiences can get a glimpse of the movement creation process.

All made possible by a grant from the NAC, with support from the DCAS and NLC.

Stage shows in Cape Town: https://weekendspecial.co.za/stage-on-the-boards/

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