Here’s some dog training tips every canine lover should know.

There is no denying the fact that dog training techniques allow one to have a well-trained dog. As a canine lover, a well-trained dog can provide a perfect mutual relationship and experience.

By nature, dogs are wired to easily accept commands provided by their owners. This happens when you treat the dog with a friendly approach during training. It is important to note that head pressing in dogs is a condition that indicates that the dog could have a mental illness, and may not respond to training effectively. Call a veterinary doctor in such a scenario.

Also, note that different breeds of dogs have a varied response to training. This is because varied species of dogs have different temperaments. As such, one should know about your breed.

Here are basic dog training tips for your canine

The core aspect in training lies within dog obedience training in a training command list. Training to obey is the first aspect in training dog techniques. When your dog becomes obedient it will learn both the simplest of skills and the most advanced ones. You don’t want an uphill task training a disobedient dog. It is recommended to start training your dog when it is still a puppy. That said, consider doing the following puppy training techniques:

  • First, research has proven that the best time to start training is when the puppy is 3 to 4 months old. This is because this period is the optimum time when they train and learn much faster with ease.
  • Second, in puppy training, give your puppy an easy name that has a strong consonant at the end. Names like: Jack, Tommy, Jasper, etc. Such names enable are clear for a dog to listen and internalize. Never yell at your dog. Always be friendly to it.

The next thing is to have a dog training command list. This is for teaching it the basic commands that you will frequently be using. The commands are as follows.

  • Sit – When your dog learns this command, you will be able to handle it in any kind of situation. In doing so, you should have a treat in the form of a snack. Hold the treat above its nose and it will lower its body. Once it has sat, say the word ‘sit’ and reward it with the treat. Repeat this frequently in different days with different treats, so that it does not associate the command with one treat.
  • Come – This dog obedience training command serves to bring your canine to your grip from any situation. Put a leash on it and pull it gently towards you as you repeat the command. Once it has come, reward it with the treat.
  • Leave it – This is training for a dog aggression command which applies in case your dog is out of its leash and curiosity has overwhelmed it. Have a treat in both hands. Close one hand in a way it can note it, then present it. It will try to lick, paw and sniff it. Once it is doing that, say ‘leave it’. When it gives up, reward it with the treat with the other hand. Repeat the concept with different things until it masters the command.

The other tip in dog training classes relates to toilet. This is important so that you don’t have a hectic and stressful moment cleaning your house, compound or the car. Follow the following procedure to train your dog on toilet.

  • Ensure that apart from when training, the dog should have a fixed schedule for meals. No snacking in between.
  • Confine the canine in a small area at first so that it can understand the game when it is young. Keep increasing its freedom with time as it learns.
  • Take it out for a potty break and give it plenty of time to relieve itself.
  • Lastly, re dog training tips, take it out every morning to one spot to relieve. It will get used to the scent and then understand the game.

For your dog to reciprocate with the dog training tips and become more connected to you, be consistent on all the above guidelines. It will learn these fundamental basics with much ease and spirit if you maintain friendliness and patience. The process will take time depending on the ability of your dog to learn.