Inside Outside-Dentro Fuera is an unusual joint exhibition of new lino cuts by Cape Town’s innovative printmaker Theo Paul Vorster, and hyperrealistic still life oil paintings by Emilio Jose Edo Mengibar from Castellón de la Plana in Spain. The exhibition opens on Sunday, 11 August 2019 and runs until 6 September 2019 at the MOK Gallery on the Muratie Wine Estate in the Knorhoek Valley near Stellenbosch.

Leading South African concert guitarist, James Grace, will add Spanish flair to the occasion and Muratie’s award-winning wines will counter the winter cold while guests peruse the art works in this historic art gallery in a house built for, and once inhabited by, former slave Ansela van de Caab.

Inside Outside-Dentro Fuera – making a dream a reality

Both Vorster and Edo started working full-time as artists in 1996. They only met much later in Castellón de la Plana near Valençia when Vorster visited friends in 2018 and was introduced to Edo. The idea of a joint exhibition was mooted, the obvious problem being the cost and logistics of transporting such a large number of art works from Spain to South Africa. However, they persevered and with the assistance of their mutual friends the dream became a reality.

Inside Out-Dentro Fuera exhibition

Theo Paul Vorster

Vorster is known for creating unique pieces of art with lively line work, vibrant colours and a whimsical thematic approach. The latter does not prevent him, however, from expressing strong social commentary, often by placing an object in the foreground against an unlikely background. In his latest work, Vorster thematically explores the world outside (fuera) in contrast to Edo’s paintings which are focused on the old-worldly inside (dentro) the house.

He loves the three-dimensional quality of carving into lino. As the print is black and white, it also allows him to experiment with colour. All prints are individually hand-coloured with acrylic ink and he deliberately keeps the print edition low. He started painting the original lino block in oil and sold that as well. The print edition therefore becomes more exclusive as the artist cannot print a second edition. Though a novelty at first, these hand-cut lino blocks coloured in oil have become sought after collector’s items. “With this exhibition I continue to focus on dogs, as I did with my last solo exhibition called K9 Reworked. This time around I’m placing the dogs in South African landscapes, which explains the reference to “Outside” in this exhibition’s name. I depict the dogs both as working animals and as devoted companions, emphasising the unbreakable bond between dogs and their owners,” he explains.

Inside Out-Dentro Fuera exhibition

Emilio Jose Edo Mengibar 

Edo’s grandfather owned a framing shop in Castellón and Edo cannot recall a time when he did not paint, even as a child. The still life is usually set up in his studio because he prefers to work from life. In all Edo’s paintings there is a compositional verticality in the foreground, usually made up of embroidered gossamer tablecloths hanging over the edge of a table, some of them old and threadbare. “I love how they speak of a time gone by,” says Edo. “New objects don’t really interest me. They have no history.”

The MOK gallery is therefore ideally suited to exhibit his works. The clay walls date from 1685 and it is one of the oldest buildings in the Stellenbosch area. Layer by layer Edo’s paintings combine nostalgia with desire, a yearning for more than is apparent. They show beauty and its inherent flaws. Light has a great effect on the colouration of his work and his love for the Flemish artists with their interplay between light and shade is evident. The translucence of his paintings is visually alluring and draws the viewer in to look closer at the detail of the still life. Obviously composition is also immensely important and he sets it up to extract the most harmonious and balanced representation.

Both artists will be present at the MOK gallery on 11 August to interact with guests and media about their respective works..

What: Inside Ouside-Dentro Fuera

Where and when:  MOK Gallery, Muratie Wine Estate, Knorhoek Valley, Stellenbosch from 11 August to 6 September 2019

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