International Reggae Day IRD 2021 1Love
International Reggae Day IRD 2021 1Love

International Reggae Day 2021 (IRD) will be celebrated on 1 July as a virtual 1Love Rally to unite the global reggae community. Reggae music has become synonymous with 1Love, an affirmation first articulated by Jamaican national hero Marcus Garvey, contextualized by rastafari and later popularized by Bob Marley.

The annual IRD 24-hour virtual celebration will showcase the best of Jamaican music culture and its impact on the global reggae movement, from the roots to the branches.

Virtual performances, playlists, panels, and media specials celebrating Jamaican music culture and its impact globally will be featured online at and IReggaeDay social media platforms (You Tube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter).

Fans globally will rally around the red, gold and green and fly their reggae colours in recognition of International Reggae Day on JulyOne.

Reggae artists, selectors, content creators and labels representing cities around the world, are preparing their JulyOne specials including Kingston, Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi, London, Birmingham, Toronto, New York, Atlanta, Nassau and Salvador.

IRD 2021 will celebrate the many faces of one love and the impact of love on Reggae music. “As the world continues to battle the impact of the Covid pandemic, the existential threat that is climate change, increased levels of global poverty and violence against women, the power of love is essential to healing – love for self, family, community, country, culture and planet. Reggae music is special not only because if its distinctive sound but also because it has the power to inspire change and it continues to be an important voice in times like these,” says fouder Andrea Davis, founder of International Reggae Day.

What: International Reggae Day 2021
1 July 2021
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