Musician Jub Jub and his newly launched reality show Uyajola 99 is causing a stir on social media as viewers react to the progamme. Uyajola 99, which is similar to America’s TV show Cheaters, is a show which follows men and women who have suspicions that their partners are cheating on them.

Jub Jub new show Uyajola 99

And just like any version of Cheaters, Uyajola 99 serves to expose infidelity in relationships and the dramatic confrontations take place on TV, for the whole world to see. Based on the trailer that has been shown over the past few weeks, plus the launch show itself on Moja Love, DStv Channel 157, the show promises lots of drama, with tears and a couple of slaps thrown in for good measure.

Bokani Moyo, Moja Love’s head of production, says: “Our main goal with Uyajola 99 is to explore the lived experience of predominantly black South Africans. To provide a mirror to reflect on our realities as a people and give a lens through which we understand life.”

Bokani added that Moja Love presenters like Uyajola 99’s Jub Jub were provided with security/bodyguards due to the confrontational nature of the shows.

Before the show aired, Jub Jub released a statement saying: “I am very proud to be pioneering a show that is a very first of its kind in Mzansi. There is no doubt that cheating and infidelity are social ills that are wreaking havoc in South African communities, therefore my quest with this show is to shed light on the impact infidelity has on all affected individuals.”

Presenter not without controversy

Jub Jub Maarohanye was released from prison in 2017 after serving four years, one month, and one day behind bars.

The musician and his friend Themba Tshabalala were originally sentenced to 25 years for the death of four children after causing a serious accident when they were drag racing under the influence of hard drugs on a public road near a school.

The 2012 murder conviction was eventually overturned. It was reduced to an eight year sentence in 2014.

What: Uyajola 99

Where and when: Moja Love, DStv Channel 157 on Sundays at 9pm 2019