Limpopo’s King Katra spinned rings around the competition at the second annual Red Bull Shay iMoto championships, bagging the title.

It all happened In the throes of darkness at a top-secret location on 19 September 2020, as the country’s top spinners battled it out for the second annual Red Bull Shay’ iMoto title.

King Katra Red Bull Shay iMoto Champ
King Katra

Shay iMoto 2020 champion

After a tyre-screeching final encounter between Eddie Rasta and King Katra, that captivated a global online audience, King Katra walked away as the 2020 champion.

From qualifying, contested via an online voting mechanic and judges voting, the top 8 were selected to go into the next round, which was broadcast live on Red Bull TV. Katra made his way to the final by facing off against the defending champion Veejaro Hendricks in the quarter finals and impressed the panel of judges.  For the semi-final and final rounds, the panel was bolstered by the competitors who’d been knocked out in the earlier rounds of competition.

“It feels so great to be in the number one position!” said an emotional Katra. “I worked really hard. There were times where I didn’t have much faith in myself, but I knew I had all the people at home backing me. I knew I had to push and make sure I made them proud.”

Red Bull Shay iMoto Championships
Red Bull Shay iMoto Championship

BMW M-Town obstacle course

The online audience also got to witness the OG of spinning, Magesh Ndaba, showing off his classic skills in the new BMW M3. The legend – who was also a judge at the event – gave South Africans his top tier donuts in the BMW M-Town obstacle course that was part of the competition.

For those that missed all the heated spinning, catch it on SABC 1 on 10 October, 2020 at 1.30pm.

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