Leon Kluge Plant Safaris The magic of the plant kingdom bursts into full technicolour life with the start of an all-new South African series – Leon Kluge Plant Safaris  – on PPLWX – People°sWeather (DStv-Channel 180) and Openview (DStv-Channel 115), from Monday, 1 March 1 at 6pm.

With the passion of an investigative detective determined to gather all the clues and answers, Leon Kluge, an award-winning landscape artist, designer and plant-lover, takes us into the mysterious world of some uniquely South African plant species and the unbelievably clever tricks they have devised over the years, to survive.

In this first eight-part series, the world’s smallest but richest floral biome, fynbos, is exquisitely and meticulously explored by Kluge. Who would have thought that so much richness and colour lies in these seas of small-leafed plants of the Western Cape?

Mind-boggling plants

“Our safari team goes in search for the most interesting plants in these various fynbos landscapes,” explains Kluge.

“As experienced horticulturists and botanists, we are constantly surprised at what we discover. There is always something fascinating and new each time we foray into these ancient landscapes, and there is no doubt that we reveal some mind-boggling plants in every episode.

Interesting folkloreLeon Kluge Plant Safaris

“We also look into the various intriguing relationships these plants have with animals and humans, and the interesting folklore attached to certain species.”

Highlighting the unique gift that fynbos has given the world, Kluge opens our eyes to the fynbos in and around the forests, wetlands, mountains, waterfalls, rocks, beaches, deserts, and also in cities in the Western Cape. In Leon Kluge Plant Safaris , meet a rare plant that farms insects and the plant that provides us with the key ingredient for the Cape’s famous waterblommetjie bredie. Meet plants that are pollinated by rodents at night, learn why the globally famous Pin-cushion Protea is a vital link in the Cape wildlife ecosystem, and discover much, much more in this fascinating show.

Leon Kluge Plant Safaris episodes 

  1. In the fight for survival not all is what it seems. Carnivorous and parasitic plants thrive in the fynbos underworld. In the first episode, Leon takes a look at the ecology and engineering behind these sinister plants.
  2. Leon explores the Cape mountains to find out why red has become the colour of choice for many of the Cape’s summer-flowering plants.
  3. Home to the ancient Tsitsikamma forests, Leon travels back in time as he finds some of South Africa’s most loved trees and flowers along the Garden Route.
  4. Leon captures the exquisite details of intriguing plants which evolved millions of years ago, uncovering the unique pollination strategies employed by different species found in the fynbos.
  5. From the majestic kings to the shy dwarfs, Leon explores the diversity of the Protea family.
  6. Despite the heat and low rainfall the Karoo has sustained an incredibly high amount of biodiversity. Leon explains how these plants have adapted to thrive in this unforgiving landscape.
  7. Leon takes a journey through the fynbos to discover what makes this vegetation type so unique, highlighting the natural forces which have given rise to the smallest yet one of the richest floral kingdoms on earth.
  8. In the final episode, Leon shares some of his favourite fynbos flowers on his hikes throughout the Cape mountains. From the rare finds to plants which make spectacular cut flowers, Leon takes a look at the many uses of fynbos plants both past and present.

What: Leon Kluge Plant Safaris

Where and when: PPLWX – People°sWeather (DStv 180) and Openview (DStv 115) from Monday 1 March 1 at 6pm with a repeat at 9pm