Lexi's Healthy Eatery: Review LEXI’S HEALTHY EATERY. 85A Regent Road, Sea Point.


I really haven’t been out much, so when a friend suggested we meet for lunch I couldn’t think of where I wanted to go. Luckily, she recommended Lexi’s in Sea Point. I had never been, and so it was a ‘yes to new things’ from me. I have been wanting to go for ages, but  kept forgetting that I wanted to!

The space, at the bottom end of Regent Road (towards Bantry Bay) is cheery and bright and full of hanging plants. I read the menu as I waited for my friend to park. While it is a 90% vegan menu, there are a very few things for those who are not ready – I can remember a few fish things, and probably eggs too? I was focused on the vegan stuff and it’s a lot.  It is a massive, massive menu with tons and tons of options. A real challenge to choose from the super healthy, gluten free, to burgers and fries and bowls, and breakfasts, and wraps and new stuff, and recommended, and extras, and massive mains.

Lexi's Healthy Eatery: Review

So much to try

My friend arrived and we took ages choosing. I ended up getting the Smashing Pumpkin (pictured right). I don’t even know how, or why I chose it, but it was delicious. Wedges of sweet, roasted pumpkin on divine spiced cauliflower rice, with chickpeas and a tahini dressing. Stunningly presented on a huge plate, this was a most hearty, warm, and wintery dish, satisfying and filling without being heavy. I loved it. It could have been hotter, but that is my only teeny niggle.

I did stare at the carrot cake for a long time, but I was literally too full. Next time.

I am already planning my next trip. There is so much to try. PS. It is not a good idea writing this on an empty tummy. Need to go and find something to eat.

What: Lexi’s Healthy Eatery

Where: 85A Regent Road, Sea Point