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Nasty C, Tall Racks Records and Red Bull Music amp up Lift As You Rise

The Nasty C Tall Racks Records and Red Bull Music venture is giving wings to artists with the launch of Lift As You Rise, as more and more of Mzansi’s hip-hop artists are climbing the ladder of success with the support of hip-hop collectives.

Red Bull Music and Tall Racks Records have joined forces to form Lift As You Rise, a project aimed at uplifting artists across South Africa.

How to enter Lift as you Rise: Follow these steps, or see below.

Add your style to 16 Bars!

Made up of unstoppable forces Nasty C, Tellaman, Gemini Major, Rowlene, Lastee and Zino D, the Lift As You Rise project will see these artists come together to produce multiple open tracks.

These Lift As You Rise tracks will incorporate verses from the collective artists, excluding 16 bars that will allow Mzansi’s aspiring artists to add their verses and ultimately complete the tracks.

So what’s the deal?

The musicians will then need to upload their tracks onto their respective social media platforms with the correct tags. Red Bull Music and Tall Racks Records will then select the best artists. Successful artists will get an opportunity to go into the Red Bull Music Recording Studios in Cape Town where songs will be recorded and released to the public.

“A much-undervalued part of the music industry is collaboration, especially in the world of fresh and independent hip-hop artists,” Nasty C comments. “At the moment, our music culture in SA is becoming more and more open to sharing and collaborating and this is the culture the Lift As You Rise project looks to achieve. This is the era where budding artists need to catch up with the understanding that they must collaborate to take their gift one step further.”

Rowlene adds, “Collaboration is the biggest uplifting force driving music today. To young and upcoming artists looking to project their talents onto a bigger audience, the Lift As You Rise project is the powerful stepping stone.”

Follow these steps to enter Lift As You Rise:
  • Step 1: Download your as many of the beats off the Tall Racks Soundcloud page using a laptop or computer
  • Step 2: Pick your favourite beat(s)
  • Step 2: Record yourself dropping your 16 bars
  • Step 3: Upload it to your platform of choice

For music in Cape Town see here.

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