MARSHA THE BEGINNING OF THE END. Devised by Jazzara Jaslyn, Kathleen Stephens and Kiroshan Naidoo. Performed by Jazzara Jaslyn and Kiroshan Naidoo. Director: Kathleen Stephens. Lighting design: Kiroshan Naidoo. Set design: Kiroshan Naidoo. Alexander Bar and Theatre.

Marsha – The Beginning of the End Review


I didn’t know what to expect from the poster. It looked serious and hard-core. And very meaningful. But the minute I walked into the Alexander Bar Theatre (which is open again thank you godz of the theatre) and I saw the shiny back wall, the transformed silver cat scratch pole thingy, the emergency shiny foil floor and the silver everything, I knew I was going to like this show.

To be honest, my first massive snort was right at the beginning, when, in red 70’s sci-fi light, and with weird breathing choreography, Kiroshan and Jazzara put on the shorts. Those shorts! This was the beginning of my utter laughter collapse. And that was it for me, over and over again for the hour of this hilarious show.

Marshina and Marshinina

Marshina and Marshinina (too complicated to explain) are evolved cavemen waiting to be taken, like Bowie, to Mars. This is the story of how Marshina found Marshinina, and how they prepare to be taken, happening in the time of the play. And it is even more hilarious than it sounds.

Both Kiroshan and Jazzara are delicious. They are funny, modern, totally present, and play off each other with perfect timing and generosity. Their characters are crazy-lovable and sad. Their commitment is ridiculous and charming, and everything they do and say is hilarious and beyond.

Marsha – The Beginning of the End Review

From the moment it started to its final, dare I say obvious, outcome I was smitten, smacked, smirking and, basically, hysterical. And I wasn’t the only one. There was a woman laughing so much, so often I was worried about her physical safety.

An hour in the dark flew by with ridiculous speed.  I revelled in this piece of perfect entertainment. In fact, I was jealous. I love this kinda stuff. Witty, clever, creative, tongue in cheek, modern, original theatre that delights and sparkles. Fantastic low budget set. Great lighting. Excellent use of tech. Yes. Go and have the most fun possible in the theatre.

What: Marsha The Beginning of the End

Where and when: Alexander Bar and Theatre until 21 September 2018

Book: Here