The official South African trailer for the film Moffie has been released, as the production continues to compete on the international film circuit.

Moffie trailer released

While the film’s South African debut on the commercial circuit is slated for March 13, 2020, Moffie has already premiered at several international film festivals, including its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September.

Directed by Oliver Hermanus, the story of a young, conscript who battles to survive compulsory service in apartheid-South Africa’s military, has enamored audiences worldwide with sold-out screenings in London, Stockholm and Glasgow in October, and high praise from film critics.

The new trailer sets the tone for what Variety labeled as “Oliver Hermanus’ masterpiece” with a stripped-down reimagining of Rodriguez’s “Sugar Man”. It was a 25th hour decision by Hermanus to acquire the rights to the song, and include it as part of the film.

With only a 10-day window before the film had to be finished, Hermanus reached out to music producer Ben Ludik. He asked Ludik to imagine recreating “Sugar Man” with a female vocalist as a haunting anthem to end the film.

“Every producer dreams of being tasked with reimagining an iconic song,” says Ludik, whose credits include the score for another celebrated Hermanus film, Skoonheid/Beauty.

“I believe Oliver chose to include “Sugar Man” in Moffie because it’s a song about yearning to escape; a haunting poem by a bewildered individual” – much like the experience of the film’s main character, Nicholas (Kai Luke Brummer). “The song needed a special voice to convey such frailty and longing.” To do this, Ludik sourced the rich alto-voice of singer Rebekah Thompson.

Moffie is based on the memoir of the same name by André-Carl van der Merwe, produced by Eric Abraham and Jack Sidey, and co-produced by Theresa Ryan-Van Graan.

It premieres in the US in early January 2020 at The Palm Springs Film Festival before heading to Norway. Over the next three months it will also premiere in Scotland, Ireland, and Mexico.

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