Cape Town jazz band GMinor has played at a previous MosJazz Festival
Cape Town jazz band GMinor has played at a previous MosJazz Festival

Bands can get ready for their MosJazz auditions because the great news for Cape jazz fans is that the second edition of MosJazz 2019 is scheduled from 28 November to 2 December in Mossel Bay.

And now fresh-faced musos are invited to battle for a MosJazz festival spot on Sunday,16 June 2019.

Auditions at Bravo Lounge at Garden Route Casino

This is when auditions take place at the Bravo Lounge of the Garden Route Casino at the launch event for MosJazz. Organisers Camissa Solutions invite local bands from the Southern and Eastern Cape to come show off their chops and craft.

Clarence Ford, executive member of Camissa, said they want to give local musicians a chance to prove their mettle on a big stage. “MosJazz has in the past two years already stimulated the local cultural industry and the musicians that are aspiring to perform on that particular stage alongside more profiled artists.

“In a sense they want to measure their existing skills against both established national and international artists and this audition enables us to get a sense of where they are in terms of raising their game. It is an intermediate stage, so we are not going to have people perform on that stage who are not working at their art.

“We know musicians in the Southern Cape have been working very hard and this is an opportunity for us to see such growth and maybe to interact on a constructively critical basis if need be in order for them to grow even further in this particular industry.

“So, we want to give credit where credit is due. And we want to give positive feedback to those who are not there just yet. But because it is an annual event every musician that is aspiring to performing on that stage will eventually get a chance, provided they work hard at their God-given talent.”

Bring your own instruments 

Bands should bring along their own personal instruments. A drum kit, keyboard and an amplifier will be provided.

Sunday night’s formalities will start at 6pm. The auditions start at 7pm and are open for the public. Bands can contact Calvin Peters at

Forms for MosJazz campsites for the third edition of MosJazz Festival are available now from De Bakke Santos Resort Mossel Bay. Call 044 690 3760, or e-mail

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Mosjazz campsite prices: For 4 nights R5400 for 6 people and 2 cars, includes festival access. R7200 for 8 people and 3 cars, includes festival access
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