For the second season of Net koffie, the spotlight is on Colombia, the third largest coffee producing country in the world. Coffee expert Henriëtte Marx is focused on finding the best coffee on the planent, and is also searching for the heart – the culture, the people and the unique natural characteristics that makes this aromatic bean so special.

Viewers can look forward to Net Koffie Season 2 from Sunday, 3 October, 2021 at 5pm on kykNET (DStv channel 144).

“I travel through the country and discover the most beautiful villages, explosions of colour and special people. The green Andes mountains greet me while I taste some of the best coffee in the world,” says Henriëtte. “I discover something valuable at every coffee farmer I visit and time and time again the heart is their families,” says Marx.

Net Koffie Henriette Marx
Henriette Marx on Net Koffie

The best cuppa?

Back in South Africa she is going to show well-known personalities how to make a good cup of coffee, and also how to cook with coffee. These include Janina Oberholzer, Jonathan Rubain, Gantane Kusch, Mike Bolhuis and Rudi and Marlice van Vuuren.

What has been the best cup of coffee she’s ever had?

“This is probably the most difficult question to answer. I attach so much value to each cup of coffee because there is always a lot of a person making it in it. The hands that prepared it, true emotion, somebody’s story. The best cup of coffee is the one that you like best and to me each and everyone is special.”

Henriëtte says there shouldn’t be too many rules when it comes to coffee.

“You must drink it how you like it – with or without sugar, with or without milk. Or maybe in a milkshake or with whiskey of bake a cake or make a sauce to go over meat. Be creative, but if you really want to get to the heart of the plant, rather leave the milk and sugar for later.”

And, the most interesting tale she’s ever heard about coffee?

“There are so many like the one about the history of Mocha Java that is one of my favourites to tell. Or just to laugh with and listen to the older folk telling how they roasted their beans and added brown sugar. It is to difficult to choose and that is why I realise that coffee to me is not only stories, but memories and get togethers as well. This is why I love this precious plant – flower, berry and bean – so much.”

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When: From Sunday 3 October 2021, 5pm
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