Gate at Quoin Rock new Daytime Menu
Gourmet dishes are paired with Quoin Rock’s estate wine

Quoin Rock’s Gåte definitely ranks as the new rock star on the South African foodie scene.

Dazzling food design personifies Gåte’s mouth-watering gastronomy, now highlit with the restaurant’s new Daytime Experience – a 6 course set menu dubbed A Journey Around the World, which craftily underpins the delights of global cuisine.

Quoin Rock’s intercontinental flair has been fashioned by the Ukrainian Gaiduk family, who purchased the estate in 2012. And Gåte’s adventurous new menu now amplifies the Gaiduk’s all-embracing ethic with artistry that’s guaranteed to tantalise.

Gåte Molecular Gastronomy Masterclass & Tasting Journey

To get up close to the inner working of Gåte’s immense kitchen, Quoin Rock hosted a fun Molecular Gastronomy Masterclass & Tasting Journey, culminating in a sublime tasting menu. Participants were immersed in the behind-the-scenes operations of a top-end industrial kitchen – a dream workspace for any forward-thinking creator.

It houses a centrefuge, walk-in fridges, pacojects, a glass freezer, Convotherm ovens, a Thermomix, tunnels for micro-herbs, and more – a well-equipped playground for any discerning chef!

Gate restaurant @ Quoin Rock
Gate restaurant at Quoin Rock

The Daytime Experience

The Daytime Experience was devised by Head Chef Nicole Loubser, aided by a young team of 15 chefs. The menu is a reduced option of a 14 course dinner menu.

Molecular gastronomy is introduced into the menu, but it’s not the main focus. “We have selected 14 different countries and we’ve chosen what their specific flavours are and have incorporated South Africa with that. It’s very flexible, so we can mix and match countries,” comments Chef Nicole.

Chefs have been allowed free expression to inject a modern twist into classical cuisine. Attention has been paid to height, texture, colour and contrast, resulting in superb gourmet dishes paired with exquisite Quoin Rock wine.

Daytime Experience 6 course set menu

  1. Italy – Cafe Macchiato with Gåte Cigar
  2. South Africa – Gåte’s signature Saldana Bay Oysters (Festive series MCC, 2014)
  3. Italy – Gåte’s signature caprese salad (Namysto White, Sauvignon Blanc, 2017)
  4. Austria – Lamb, cranberry and smoked cheese tuile (Namysto red Blend, 2015)
  5. Namibia – Game – Oryx meat with smoked potato pure and veggies (QR Shiras, 2015)
  6. Caribbean – Pina Colada dessert with coconut (Black Series MCC, 2013)
    QR Heaven Blend coffee or tea with Petit Four

Gåte seats 45 guests.

What: Gåte at Quoin Rock new Daytime Menu
Where: Quoin Rock Wine Estate Knorhoek Road, Knorhoek Valley, Stellenbosch
Gåte reservations: +27 21 888 4750,,
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