Although they come from very different backgrounds, Dave Reynolds and Dizu Plaatjies stumbled on a common musical vision in the contemporary African music landscape.

The combination of Dave’s award-winning folk and jazz-inspired compositions on instruments such as steelpans, Paraguayan harp and 10-string harp guitar, with ethnomusicologist Dizu’s indigenous instrument mastery on umrhube (Xhosa mouth bow), uhadi (upright bow), mbira (thumb piano) and djembe – results in an inspired musical buffet of exotic and home-brewed flavours.

Add in Ronan Skillen on oudou and tabla

Enter percussionist Ronan Skillen, and this buffet soon becomes a banquet. Ronan has performed with Johnny Clegg, Rodriguez, Freshlyground and more, and tours Europe every year. His passionate expression with hand drums – Nigerian oudou and Indian tabla aim to take you deep down to the base of your chakras.

If you haven’t seen Ronan Skillen wailing on his self-designed aboriginal digeridoo, you’re in for a treat.

Rootspring House in Muizenberg presents Dizu Plaatjies Ronan Skillen Dave Reynolds

Rootspring House presents Dizu Plaatjies + Ronan Skillen + Dave Reynolds

To see this three-piece head to an intimate concert at Roostpring House in Muizenberg, Cape Town on 10 May, 2019. The venue is an old art deco house in Axminster Road with an upstairs gallery and wooden floors.

Doors open 6.30pm and the show starts at 7.15pm sharp. Dinner is served at 8pm. Pre-orders for food on the night are essential, and bookings close 48 hours prior to the show. BYOB, but glasses are provided.

Note: For minimal disturbance to the neighbours, make use of the beach parking lot just 500m away. There will be a car guard stationed there.

Live music in Cape Town diary.

What: Rootspring House presents Dizu Plaatjies Ronan Skillen Dave Reynolds
Where is Rootspring House: Axminster Road Muizenberg Cape Town
When: 10 May 2019 Rootspring House tickets: