Drummer Kesivan Naidoo
Drummer Kesivan Naidoo

Round Corners explores the artistic realms by interviewing gifted artists about art that inspires them. MICK RAUBENHEIMER chatted to the prolific and hugely gifted drummer KESIVAN NAIDOO about turning poison into medicine and other alchemic feats. Naidoo’s mega-band, the SA-Swiss collaboration Skyjack, featuring Shane Cooper and Kyle Shepherd, is on tour.

When did you first identify as a creative artist?
When I was five. I preferred to play my own improvisations instead of what the piano teacher told me to play.

Outside of your medium, what branch of art most stimulates you?
Not sure if it’s called art, but the two things I spend the most time on and getting inspiration from is movies and basketball. I fell in love with the story of LeBron James and have been following him ever since.

Which artist/s in said discipline have significantly inspired you, and why?
John Coltrane. His discipline and relentless pursuit to perfection is unsurpassed. He overcame many struggles in life including heroin addiction and used that to find his spiritual path in music. Turning poison into medicine is the hallmark of a true master! And he was not afraid of the unknown, particularly in the pursuit of music.

Skyjack album and tour
The Skyjack ensemble

What, to you, is art’s most important function?

Local creatives (in any medium) that excite you?
Jamil Qubeka.

What specific work – be it in literature, music, or visual art – do you return to again and again, and why?
John Coltrane – A Love Supreme. It’s my favourite album of all time. And it’s a perfect universal offering in music to the idea that God is love and that he exists.

Any current project you’re unveiling/wrapping up?
Skyjack – our SA Swiss collaboration. We are a bunch of musicians that love to play our music together. We really just want to have fun. Check out our new album, The Hunter!

Check out Kesivan Naidoo and Skyjack’s tour: https://weekendspecial.co.za/skyjack-album-and-tour/

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Skyjack album 2018: Skyjack the Hunter