If you’ve ever wanted to step into the ring and train like a professional boxer, with none of the bumps and bruises, now’s your chance!

Virgin Rumble classes day time
A 60-minute workout over nine rounds of skipping, jabbing and punching

A full-body workout

In March, Virgin Active is launching Rumble, a boxing-inspired group training session that offers a full-body workout and a chance to release some tension.

Rumble is a brand new form of fun, high energy boxing that works to improve overall fitness and stamina through a total-body, calorie burning workout. Rumble was developed by national kickboxing coach and undefeated former SA Professional Bantam & Featherweight Kickboxing Champ Josh Cassius Cloete. Rumble enables members to train like boxers without taking any contact. It consists of a 60-minute workout over nine rounds of skipping, jabbing and punching that will blast away 700 calories!

Step into the square ring

Over the past year, boxing has made its way back into the mainstream, inspiring the likes of Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima to step into the square ring.

National Product Development Manager at Virgin Active South Africa, Ceri Hannan, describes Rumble as “a really exciting addition to our group training programme as it combines fun, fast-paced fitness, to upbeat music and tension-busting movements that will leave you feeling fitter and stronger, just like Conor McGregor – minus the bruises.

Rumble will be available at 70 Virgin Active health clubs country wide in South Africa.

What: Rumble – in the ring
Where: Virgin Active Health Clubs
Virgin Active Rumble Workout: www.virginactive.co.za