Carabao SpiltMilk 2018 South Africa
Carabao SpiltMilk 2018 South Africa

SpiltMilk Cape Town welcomes the legend of the Carabao spirit on South African shores at intergalactic space station – The TechnoDome Festival. The launch of the taste of Carabao Energy happens at the Green Point Cricket Club on 1 September 2018.

Techno energy

2000 techno-loving festival-goers will be some of the first people in South Africa to taste Asia’s top selling premium energy drink, which promises to give guests the stamina of the Carabao water buffalo with half the amount of sugar compared to global competitor energy drinks.

The festival grounds and the Dome will be equipped with FUNKTION ONE sound, a lunar landing module and state-of-the-art lighting and effects. The journey to outer space and sonic truth continues…

Roberto Capuano at SpiltMilk 2017
Roberto Capuano at SpiltMilk 2017

SpiltMilk 2018 Headline acts

Ryan Murgatroyd (LIVE)
Kevin de Vries (BER)
STAB Virus
Cødy Meyer
Dogstarr from ToyToy (JHB)
Dave Irish
Ryan Sullivan
Plus other surprise acts from near and far …

The first SpiltMilk 2015

                 WIN WIN WIN!

One double ticket for SpiltMilk 2018 South Africa is up for grabs. To enter, email by 10am on 27 August 2018, with ‘SpiltMilk’ in the subject line. Include your name and number. Good luck!

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What: SpiltMilk 2018 South Africa
SpiltMilk Cape Town Date: 1 September, 2018
Where: TechnoDome Green Point Cricket Club Cape Town
SpiltMilk Tickets: R330
SpiltMilk Spirit of Techno TechnoDome: