Sun CityMention a trip to Sun City, and there is every chance that you will get the raised eyebrows and sneering cynicism that is often attached to Las Vegas, the city that did so much to inspire it. But the interesting thing in both cases is that this sort of reaction invariably comes only from those who have never been.

Of course, casino culture forms the backbone of both cities, but the interesting thing is that the money it has generated has allowed both to develop into cultural and artistic centres that really do have something for everyone. And the fact that online casinos South Africa have been attracting numerous players for many years (source: PlayCasino) has led to yet more interest in casino resorts like Sun City, allowing them to invest even more widely.

So while you should certainly take some time to visit the slots and gaming tables of Sun City’s famous casinos, there is plenty more to take in at this wonderful destination.

Sun City

The Hall of Fame

Located at Sun Central, the Hall of Fame is an interactive exhibit that pays tribute to some of the true legends of South African arts and sport. It doesn’t just chronicle their achievements, but also the contribution they have made to shaping South Africa as we know it. From Nelson Mandela to Ladysmith Black Mambazo to Gary Player, whatever your background or cultural preferences, you’ll find plenty about your heroes here.

Motseng Cultural Village

A short walk from the noise and hubbub of the resorts stands Motseng, a traditional village that is true to African cultures and values. Here, you can learn about the eight main tribes in South Africa, their customs and their histories. There is also the opportunity to enjoy traditional tribal music, food and entertainment. It might seem like a clash of two cultures, but Motseng gives Africans the opportunity to demonstrate to visitors just how proud and passionate they are about their history and traditional values. Don’t miss it.

Sun City

Valley of the Waves

Once you’ve had your fill of the culture and wildlife, the Valley of the Waves is a great place to relax for an afternoon. The clever underwater technology generates waves as high as 1.8 metres every 90 seconds. There are five different flume rides, including the Temple of Courage, that includes a stomach-churning 17 metre drop. Just what you need to work up an appetite before you head back in to the restaurants and casinos!

Predator World

Some use Sun City as a stopover before venturing further into Kruger National Park, but if you don’t have the time or funds to go on a full safari, Predator World is the place to visit. Guided tours set off every 10 to 20 minutes, and groups are small enough to allow you to chat easily about the lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas with your knowledgeable guide. Game drives are also available by prior arrangement, and will allow you to witness zebra, giraffe, buffalo and lots more in their natural habitat.