TAG. Directed by Jeff Tomsic. With Ed Helms, Lil Rel Howery, John Hamm, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Isla Fisher and Jeremy Renner.

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Slat my met ‘n pap snoek. Tag is one movie I did not think I was going to like. The premise, based on an idea from a true story, is that a group of grown up men have been playing tag for 23 years and May is tag month. There are rules and moratoria and conditions, but basically, if you are it, you need to tag someone, and there is one guy, Jerry, who has never ever been tagged.

Honestly, once I had read about the movie I thought I would suffer through a ridiculous, male-centric, American, crude, improbable film. But no. This silly, at times hilarious and heart-warming movie had me smiling throughout, chuckling often and even laughing out loud more than I expected to.

That’s not to say it isn’t all of the things I accuse it of. The plot is totally ridiculous, far-fetched and hard to swallow. Right at the beginning we are expected to believe that a reporter ups and leaves with a man she has just met to write a story on, and goes with him and his friends across the country to play tag at the untaggable’s wedding. She doesn’t even take a change of clothing, although she obviously had some in her teeny laptop bag. The characters are also not drawn with the finest of brushes. This one is the dagga smoking failure, that one is the competitive nerd, that one the high-powered businessman, this one the complicated, emotionally stunted misfit. Seen them all before.

Tag is about commitment

But. Aside from the occasionally very funny punchline or character driven one-liner this movie is really enjoyable, and here is why, in one word. Commitment. Somehow, the characters, relationships, strange cameos, and even the setting and style achieve a tightly woven net of commitment over all the would-be holes.

I laughed at the kicks in the balls (I absolutely never, ever do), I laughed at the slapstick, the slo-mo fighting, running, chasing. I laughed at the golf cart chase, the AA meeting gone wrong, the usually offensive random destruction of property. What happened to me? I was won over by this movie about friendship, failure, forgiveness and fantasy, and I had a jolly good time.

What: Tag
Tag movie review Megan Furniss
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