The Ethical Market (THEM)The Ethical Market (THEM) will be showcasing original designs and brands at The Bello Studios at The Biscuit Mill in Woodstock from 5 – 16 February 20 2019.

Can you tell your friends exactly who made your dress or shirt, or if the earrings you are currently wearing are imported or made locally?  Not many can. The Ethical Market (THEM) was launched 2017 for this reason: to create awareness in the consumer’s mind regarding fashion and the practices involved.

THEM takes place again in February 2019 in Cape Town, providing a platform for local and ethically made brands to showcase their products together. It is also an opportunity to tell the stories behind each brand and meet the maker.

The Ethical Market (THEM)

Says Emma Longden of The Ethical Market (THEM) and Sitting Pretty, “A change in our consumption can only take place when the consumer is educated as to what they are actually buying. THEM was conceptualised to raise awareness around this, and to support local creative who are not only incredibly talented but also committed to local and ethical production, in turn creating jobs. We ended off 2018 with a THEM in Johannesburg, and are excited to be bringing it back to Cape Town in February.” The Ethical Market (THEM) will take place at The Bello Studios at The Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, and will feature the following brands:

Merwe Salt – Apparel

Sitting Pretty – Apparel

Asha : Eleven – Apparel

Pichulik by Nadya – Apparel

Anon – Apparel

Forecast Raincoats – Apparel

Silvan – Apparel, Scarves, Illustrations

Daphne – Scarves

Temple of Reason – Mens Beachwear

Black Betty -Jewellery

Meraki Jewellery – Jewellery

Lichen and Leaf – Jewellery

Yellow – Jewellery

Galagao Shoes – Shoes

Uzuri Shoes – Shoes

Irina Herf – Bags

We All Share Roots – Accessories

Nette Rose – Lingerie

Bili Bra Wear – Lingerie

Ark Paper – Stationery

What: The Ethical Market (THEM)

Where and when: The Bello Studios at The Biscuit Mill, Woodstock from 5 to 16 February 2019