The Beluga summer menu gets the nod from our Taste reviewers, THE TRUMAN SHOW, who were treated to a preview:

THE TRUMAN SHOW: Beluga summer menu

With the festive season upon us, Beluga restaurant recently hosted a launch party to celebrate the new Beluga summer  menu. Never fear, the sushi dishes that they are renowned for are still there, but the menu contains many exciting additions. There is a determined effort to include a variety of vegan dishes across soups, salads, mains, sushi, dim sum and, our favourite part of the menu, desserts.

If the canapes being offered to guests during the launch event are anything to go by, the quality of the food is spot on. The venison sliders were particularly notable. The sushi platters barely had time to be carried to the buffet table, such was the demand from the chopstick wielding guests. With sushi this tasty, plate after plate was devoured in a short time leaving guests hovering around the table hankering for more.

For those who wanted something just as fresh as the sushi, The Oyster King walked from guest to guest with a bucket of oysters. He deftly cracked them open and served them au naturel. You are not going to find fresher than that without wearing a pair of goggles.

THE TRUMAN SHOW: Beluga summer menu

No reason to be empty handed …

DJ Funky G supplied the background vibes, and a long list of suppliers stepped up to celebrate with Beluga so there were far too many choices of beverages to attempt trying all.

The gin lovers of the world were spoilt for choice with both Cruxland and Bombay Sapphire offering up refreshing drinks. An exciting brand of gin, previously unknown to our palates, was Roku, a Japanese craft gin made with six Japanese botanicals. This was best sipped neat in order to truly appreciate the aroma and taste. It is delightful that Beluga has included such unique flavours in their beverage menu.

The entertaining mixologists at the Southern Comfort Black counter served ice cold fruity cocktails in charming metal mugs. The handles were very useful in avoiding the dreaded frozen hand syndrome that often accompanies ice cold drinks at cocktail parties. Then it was a trip across the Atlantic to Glenmorangie single malt Scotch Whisky. Served on ice with a twist of orange to add to the classic taste.

THE TRUMAN SHOW: Beluga summer menu

Taste of summer

Wine lovers were not left empty handed. Choices included a glass of MCC from Boschendal, with an extra sparkle in the form of a Cubic Zirconia at the bottom of the glass. Shimansky were on hand to test each Cubic Zirconia to see who the lucky winner of a Tanzanite pendant would be. A good selection of wines from Plaisir de Merle, Durbanville Hills and Nederburg were also available.

Porsche Studio Waterfront added the four wheeled glamour with an array of two and four-seater cars and SUVs, all sleek and beautiful, of course.  As the Cape Town summer is finally making its presence, the Boxster GTS with the roof down garnered much attention.

If this is a taste of the summer to come, then Beluga with its fine wine, cocktail and food menu, is the place to be.

What: Beluga summer menu

Where and when: 70 Prestwich St, De Waterkant, Cape Town, daily from 12 noon to 10pm

Contact: 021 418 2948