Hotshot bassist Shane Cooper also writes and performs electronic dance music under the name of Card on Spokes. He’s just launched a new music video for this project, titled Ribbon Tooth, which comes from his latest EP As We Surface, which is now out on ITiunes. The song was inspired by the Kid Koala classic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which used the idiosyncratic grooves of a typewriter to underpin the beat.

Says Shane: “In Ribbon Tooth, the idea was to make the listener feel like they were inside a typewriter – feeling the edges and nuances of each mechanism as they moved within the track. Sara CF de Gouveia’s vision for the music video took this idea even further to create a powerful short story.

Take a peek:


Here’s all the intel on the Ribbon Tooth video:

It’s a neo-noir music video written and directed by Portuguese filmmaker Sara CF de Gouveia for South African musician Card On Spokes (aka Shane Cooper). The track features on his recently released EP As We Surface, which came out September 2016.


We observe a young woman struggling with writer’s block as she is forced to face the paradoxical dreamlike nature of her own existence. Following a period of internal distress, she finally crosses the line that separates her inner and outer worlds in the hope to find the answers she longs for.

Director’s statement

What interested me in exploring this concept was the idea that we all live simultaneously in two worlds, and we often find it hard to connect the two. We navigate between the realm of “reality” where we interact with the outside world, and the almost fictional realm of our minds, where anything is possible. I am interested in exploring the line where these two spheres collide.”

“With this specific story, the protagonist becomes the character she is writing about, and is forced to find her way out of this self-imposed labyrinth of her psyche. During her search, she eventually becomes unable to differentiate reality from what is merely her own perception of it, crossing the threshold between her inner and outer worlds. At the end of her quest she learns that deep down this is only the beginning of yet another journey.


I chose to take influence from film noir, as a means to visually create a sense of mystery, looking at films such as Carol Reed’s The Third Man and Fritz Lang’s M.

In terms of the structure and feel I took inspiration from experimental filmmaker Maya Deren, one of my favourite artists. By using certain editing techniques, we could experiment with space and time, entering the character’s subconscious mind.

The team:

Written and directed by: Sara CF de Gouveia

Produced by: Reinette du Toit

Co-produced by: Julia Ramsay

Starring: Siphokazi Khuboni

Director of Photography: Felix Seuffert

Make-up/Hair: Tamara Polakow


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