YOU SHOULD BE DANCING. Directed by Vanessa Harris and Ash Searle. With Ash Searle, Bradley Searle, Vanessa Harris, Liam McDermott, Nicole van den Berg and Caely Levy. Kalk Bay Theatre.

You Should be Dancing Review


And the Followspot team score again! Ash and Vanessa, together with Bradley, Liam, Nicole and Caely, pull off some more stylish shenanigans to get audiences on their feet and dancing, down in Kalk Bay. You Must Be Dancing might follow a formula – and the ensemble themselves poke fun at this fact – but it’s a winner, as far as crowd satisfaction is concerned.

Directors and performers Ash Searle and Vanessa Harris have been in show business for a while, and know how to drive a successful production. They also have a vested interest in making things work – as a married couple and co-owners of the Kalk Bay Theatre, this is their life, both on stage and off. And that’s probably where a large part of the passion – and the fun – that is in their shows, comes from.

Top troupe

Plus, they know how to pull a top troupe to surround them. Bradley Searle, Nicole van den Berg and Liam McDermott are Kalk Bay favourites, while newcomer Caely Levy clearly has her chops sorted out. So it’s a strong crew to start off with.

Add to this an amusing opening video sequence, slick backing track segues, a cheeky script and sizzling choreography, and now we’re talking. The hour-long review takes a casual look at the history of dance – not in any academic way, you understand, but rather in terms of what has got people moving, and how they performed those moves. From Saturday Night Fever disco steps to a tap dancing sequence, it’s all merrily in the mix. With the cast nattily dressed in vintage gear (except for a tight finish), the small stage is kept brightly busy for the entire duration.

You Should be Dancing Review

While I have a soft spot for all the FS cast members, it must be said that Bradley and Nicole outdid themselves in their duet, which was an excellent cherry on top of a pretty damn fine cake. You Should Be Dancing is full of energy and vim, it’s light-hearted and sassy, and it’s delivered with huge dollops of skill. By the end of the evening, it’s exactly what everybody should be doing.

What: You Should Be Dancing

Where and when: Kalk Bay Theatre until 29 September 2018

Book: Here