Sat, May 15, 2021

MTN Bushfire: #Greenyourfire

What's the role of the arts in spreading environmental awareness and action? Live online dialogues - MTN Bushfire #Greenyourfire  
Rosanthorn Electric Cello Trio

Rosanthorn: Electric Cello

New electric cello trio, Rosanthorn, have released a new EP. They aim to re-position the instrument airing the simple beauty of 3 cello’s in harmony

Interview: Givan Lotz

Givan Lotz’s fertile meditations have led to a signing with the Other Electricities label. Mick Raubenheimer chats to him about ’YAW’s’ release
By Default (St Cyps)

DSK: Battle of the Bands

The German International School Cape Town (DSK) hosts their second 'Battle of the Bands' at De Waal Park. 8 bands from 4 schools compete
Ihhashi Elimhlophe Picture Sameer Kermalli Music Cities Convention Berlin

Concerts SA: Music Cities Berlin

Under the theme of Music and Urban Development, the fourth edition of Music Cities Convention takes place at Rotes Rathaus in Berlin

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