Editorial Team

Karen Rutter

Editor in Chief

Karen has been an online and offline arts and lifestyle editor for a comfortable amount of time, occupying spaces including the Mail and Guardian online/za@play, News24.com, and MWeb.com. Her writing has appeared in Time magazine, the Sunday Times, the Cape Times and numerous magazines. Highlights of her career include getting mellow with Hugh Masekela, crying when she saw Tshepang, dancing at an al fresco steam punk bar at Afrika Burn and meeting Mick Fanning. She wants WeekendSpecial to be the ultimate Go-To zone for South Africans looking for both funky and thinky arts and lifestyle coverage. And she is very keen to hear new and fresh opinions on what’s out there.

email: karen@weekendspecial.co.za

Jane Mayne


Jane is an arts and entertainment editor, columnist and journalist with decades-long experience in the national media industry. As Arts Editor for The Cape Times for nine years she streamed local and international content into daily arts pages and a weekly signature Top of the Times leisure supplement.  Her freelance portfolio has included anything from Business Day’s Art supplement to ForwardSlash, Rootz, Cape Etc, and the mail and Guardian/za@play. Buoyed by the transformative power of the arts, Jane quests to experience genuine aesthetics – be it taste, sound, visual, or super-thinky. It’s a shared playground, an ever-evolving imagined world – and we make the journey together.

email: jane@weekendspecial.co.za

Chenka Nkhata

Tech Editor

I entered the IT industry as a Network Engineer when floppy disks were still relevant. Stiffies; we called them. I hated them. I then liked CDs and DVDs even less. Now we have the Cloud. And I’m calmer now. Having spent 15 years in the IT industry, it’s funny I struggle telling people exactly what I do now. But, it’s not my fault. Who would’ve predicted drones and virtual reality back when I started? I love spending time with IT people. Because every time I do, I get to say this: “It’s time for an upgrade!”

email: chenka@weekendspecial.co.za

Tracey Saunders

Theatre Reviewer

Tracey Saunders is a logophile who devours words on the page and loves them on the stage. When she isn’t watching theatre she is writing about and advocating for more theatre for more people more often. She believes in the power and the importance of the arts and  its ability to heal and transform the world. She is an aspiring surfer and is building a library to survive the zombie apocalypse. She is a member of the NAF Artistic committee, the Fleur Du Cap Awards Judging Panel and a board member of Jungle Theatre Company and The Theatre Arts Admin Collective.

email: tracey@weekendspecial.co.za