Editorial Team

Karen Rutter – Editor-in-Chief

Karen Rutter has been an online and offline arts and lifestyle editor for a comfortable amount of time, occupying as editor spaces including the Mail and Guardian online/za@play, News24.com, and MWeb.com. She’s also written for Time, the Cape Times, Sunday Times and numerous local and international magazines. She wants WeekendSpecial to be the first-choice go-to zone for South Africans looking for the ultimate arts and lifestyle coverage.

Email: karen@weekendspecial.co.za

Jane Mayne – Editor

Jane is an arts and entertainment editor, columnist and journalist with decades-long experience in the national media industry. As Arts Editor for The Cape Times for nine years she streamed local and international content into daily arts pages and a weekly signature Top of the Times leisure supplement.  Her freelance portfolio has included anything from Business Day’s Art supplement to ForwardSlash, Rootz, Cape Etc, and Mail and Guardian online/za@play Buoyed on by the transformative power of the arts, Jane quests to experience genuine aesthetics – be it taste, sound, visual, or super-thinky.

Email: jane@weekendspecial.co.za

Megan Choritz – Theatre Contributor

Megan Choritz is a South African born playwright, actor, writer, director and improviser. She has spent all of her life involved in theatre and make-believe. Megan graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1986 and worked as an actress before starting her own improvisation troupe in Cape Town. She has written and co-written numerous plays and musicals, performed and directed theatre, dabbled in TV and movies, and she improvises and teaches improv. She started her blog, www.meganshead.co.za to comment on all things theatrical in Cape Town. And got into all sorts of trouble. It is much safer to write for WeekendSpecial

Theresa Smith – Movie Writer

Freelance arts journalist Theresa Smith loves watching movies and plays almost as much as she loves writing and talking about them. And art. Well, really, anything creative. theresathewordsmith.wordpress.com

Kat Manne – Features Writer

Kat is a speculative fiction writer and anime fanatic. She is fond of world-building, composing songs about snacks and reading manga. She also loves collecting books but spends too much time watching fantasy series and films, deeming it research. Kat is currently in the final stages of publishing a high fantasy novel and recording “new-weird” tracks with her band, Desonus. Writing for WeekendSpecial allows her to get deeply involved with the projects of local creatives and learn more about the Mother City and the talent hiding in Cape Town’s intricate streets.

Sheila Chisholm – Theatre and Dance Writer

Sheila Chisholm is, by training, a classical ballet dancer, who later turned to running her own ballet studios. In 1994, shortly after Sheila took early retirement, she received an invitation to write ballet reviews for the Cape Times. Later she started writing reviews for musicals and amateur dramatic theatre as well as writing music related articles. In 2017 Sheila started writing for WeekendSpecial. Since 1996, Sheila has been presenting programmes on Fine Music Radio.

Peta Stewart – Music Writer

Peta Stewart is one of several  nom de plumes used by this performing arts  writer. Under various names, her work has appeared in many South African newspapers and magazines on articles on music, opera and ballet and interviews with local and international musicians and also on travel and other topics.  She lives in Cape Town.

Mick Raubenheimer – Features Writer

Mick Raubenheimer was born in the crude 1979 of Krugersdorp, Transvaal, South Africa. He cranes in blood and leaps in ink. He teaches smiling, unruly children to keen their wildness, and hopes to one day show them Fawlty Towers on IMAX. Que?