Monday, October 23, 2017
'Die Reuk van Appels'

Review: ‘Die Reuk van Appels’

Johann Smith's stage adaptation of 'Die Reuk van Appels' is a masterful feat. He hasn't sacrificed the immediacy of the language or page turning intensity
Cape Dance Company

‘Interplay’: Cape Dance Company

The Cape Dance Company (CDC), under the artistic direction of Debbie Turner, returns to Artscape with ‘Interplay’
Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist

Interview: Andre the Hypnotist

What do you remember after you have been hypnotised? Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist talks to WeekendSpecial:
'Confession Sessions'

New: ‘Confession Sessions’

In a dystopian South Africa, even the superheroes are dysfunctional as we find out in ‘Confession Sessions’, a hilarious new theatre piece
'Shakespeare in Love'

Review: ‘Shakespeare in Love’

The Fugard production of 'Shakespeare in Love' delights with its strong ensemble cast, its quirky script, and the dog ...
Dancers Love Dogs

Artscape: ‘Dancers Love Dogs’

‘Dancers Love Dogs’ is an annual highlight at Artscape that showcases a vibrant mix of ballet, hip-hop, Irish, tap and modern dance
Mama City Improv Festival

Mama City: Improv Festival

The second year of the Mama City Improv Festival, with local and international improv stars, will kick off in October


Music Diary: Whats On!

FRANCOIS VAN COKE Picture: Andre Badenhorst
What's totally hot and cooking on our Cape bandstands. UPDATED: 17 Oct, 2017

On The Boards

Stage: On the Boards

'The Full Monty'
Here's your weekly theatre guide to what's on in Cape Town. UPDATED: 20 October, 2017   


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