Thu, Oct 22, 2020
Shakespeare Schools Festival Generation Schools Blue Moon. Picture: Mike Leresche

Shakespeare Schools Festival review

The brevity of the works of The Shakespeare Schools Festival at The Fugard allows pertinent themes to shine through
Amateur Hour! Review at the Courtyard

Amateur Hour! Review at the Courtyard

Amateur Hour! at the Courtyard Playhouse is a series of 12 vignettes centred on a darkly humorous theme, says Sheila Chisholm

When We Awake review

When We Awake is theatre that is sharply written and directed and brilliantly performed, says Megan Furniss in her review

Master Harold … And the Boys Review

This version of Master Harold ... And the Boys is yet another really good interpretation of a Fugard classic, and deserves good audiences
The Producers review at ToTB

The Producers review at ToTB

Is it fair to say The Producers is my best musical of the year - and it's only February? Karen Rutter loved, loved, loved the show
Southern Rights & Wrongs (SR&W)

Southern Rights and Wrongs at the Jagger Lounge

Megan Furniss fell in love with story, storytelling and storytellers at the Southern Rights and Wrongs evening at the Jagger Lounge
The Hucksters review

The Hucksters – dark, twisted and biting

If it's dark, twisted and biting in just the right way to challenge your assumptions, it must be a Louis Viljoen play, says Theresa Smith

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