Sun, Dec 15, 2019
Satori review: Cape Town City Ballet

Satori review: Cape Town City Ballet

Cape Town City Ballet presents their latest triple bill, featuring a range of diverse pieces, says Sheila Chisholm in her Satori review
The Deep Red Sea

The Deep Red Sea review

The Deep Red Sea is an unusual, and very innovatively staged ode to love, loss, love again and loss again, says Karen Rutter
Mark Banks on Ice! Review

Mark Banks on Ice! Review

Mark Banks on Ice! is a production which perfectly showcases the man's inimical way of making us laugh, says Karen Rutter

Dirty Words: Review

Dirty Words at the Alexander Bar, written by Jon Keevy, is delicious – the perfect balance of silly, sexy, funny and witty, says Megan Furniss
Jazzart Dance Theatre Trainee Season at Artscape

Review: Emerge Jazzart Trainee Season

Each dancer in Vuyolwethu Nomphetsheni’s An-nur contributed to making this one of the best contemporary works seen at Artscape for a long time

Three Blind Mice review: Gate69

Three Blind Mice is the holiday, panto, festive season drag show. To high heaven. And Megan Furniss left with a huge smile on her face
Danger in the Dark review

Danger in the Dark review

A striking set, great choreography, memorable melodies and a sober stroyline make Danger in the Dark a great reboot, says Theresa Smith


Music Diary Whats On!

See Jonathan Butler at CTIJF 2019
What's totally hot and cooking on our Cape bandstands. UPDATED: 9 Dec, 2019

On The Boards

Stage: On the Boards

Evita Bezuidenhout
Here's your weekly theatre guide to what's on in Cape Town. UPDATED: 13 December 2019  

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