Fine Music Radio will simulcast the Classic 1027 (Gauteng) business show, Classic Business, presented by Michael Avery, from 1 August 2018.

Fine Music Radio: Classic Business

Fine Music Radio Station Manager, Mark Jennings, explains: “By collaborating with Classic 1027 and simulcasting this immensely popular business show we are offering value to not only our listeners but advertisers. It enables our advertisers to reach two valuable audiences in both Gauteng and Cape Town.”

Classic 1027’s Station Manager, Lyndon Johnstone agrees: “I’m confident Classic Business will become a staple for FMR listeners. Classic Business host, Michael Avery, presents the most comprehensive insight, analysis and commentary on local business and market news currently available on South African radio.”

From the traditional focus areas of investment planning, wealth and market commentary, Classic Business explores a range of pillar topics that underpin the South African economy and pervade our lives on a daily basis, from retirement, competitiveness and innovation to the digital economy, the law, tax, philanthropy and sustainability, there is something for the discerning listener to tune into daily.

Mark Jennings said: “For the last ten years Lindsay Williams from Fine Business Radio has successfully contributed to the station. While he is a brilliant financial journalist his show is independently produced and the business model simply does not work with FMR’s projected plans. We have every confidence that Classic Business will seamlessly fit into the station’s line-up.”

Fine Music Radio changes

As the Classic Business Show starts at 5.30 pm and runs until 7 pm, Winding Down will start half an hour earlier at 3:30 pm and run until 5.30 pm. Thankfully this new line up works perfectly with the ongoing traffic trend in Cape Town. People leave the CBD earlier in order to beat the traffic, with the afternoon drive show starting half an hour earlier listeners can wind down sooner. On Fridays Classic Business ends an hour earlier allowing an extra hour of beautiful music in the Jazz Lounge.

This has also affected FMR’s day time shows.  The following shows will run from 12 pm to

1 pm: Cape Diary / Kaapse Dagboek / Book Choice/ Boekkeuse/ and In the Mood. This is followed by the 1 pm News in English. Midday Concert falls away, with Matinée starting at 1.07 pm.

Fine Music Radio is excited about these changes and is confident it will enhance the listening experience.


12 pm–1 pm              

Cape Diary / In the Mood / Kaapse Dagboek / People of Note repeat

Book Choice / Boekkeuse

1 pm–1.07 pm           

News in English

1.07 pm–3.30 pm


3.30 pm–5.30 pm      

Winding Down


5.30 pm–7 pm

Classic Business with Michael Avery


5.30 pm– 6 pm

Classic Business with Michael Avery

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