Like the rest of the world, we’ve gone crazy over Master KG’s massive hit, so we chose our Jerusalema Best Dance Videos to share. Just in case you’ve missed the back story, the South African song by duo Master KG with singer Nomcebo Zikode has gone completely viral, with the video tracking over 54 million views since its release in December 2019.

But more than being a powerfully catchy song, Jerusalema has also spawned an international dance craze, with fans from Italy to the UK to the USA posting themselves performing their versions. It’s one way to forget the Covid blues!

This is the original version of the song which started it all:

Watch this groovy party of family and friends making the steps looks so easy!

Check out this version by Italian dance duo Vito y Stefania plus friends:

These people made a kind of flashmob thing happen:

And these guys made eating while dancing cool!