Bonang Matheba on Being Bonangon 1Magic DStv Channel 103
Bonang Matheba on Being Bonang

1Magic Channel lights up with glitz and drama in Being Bonang Season 3 alongside a brand new 13-part drama series titled Grassroots, all from Friday, 19 July 2019.

Social butterfly Bonang Matheba

Follow glamorous Bonang Matheba when Being Bonang returns to 1Magic for its third season. It’s entertainment galore as the fashion-obsessed social butterfly bats her long lashes in the direction of her entrepreneurial dreams. This is balanced with many hilarious moments as this influential celeb shares a slice of her decadent world.

Much more carefree, Bonang also lets her hair down to enjoy her 30s as well as the new friendships she has cultivated in this amazing moment of her life. There is plenty of luxury globetrotting as she travels to New York and many other destinations to accept awards for her achievements while honouring high profile business-related invitations.

With her family, Bonang hosts a stunning 54th birthday celebration for her mother. Pinky Girl, Bonang’s fun and equally glam cousin, is also featured in the series.

Being Bonang Season 3 premieres on 1Magic DStv Channel 103 from Friday, 19 July 2019.

Grassroots on 1Magic DStv Channel 103
Grassroots on 1Magic DStv Channel 103

Grassroots series

Grassroots is a new, 13-part local series that explores the trials and tribulations of two young men whose passion for rugby leads them into a new stage of their lives. The two lead characters follow their heart and leave rural Eastern Cape for Johannesburg with hopes of becoming rugby giants.

Conceptualised by Khayelihle Dom Gumede, Tony Miyambo, Brian Van Niekerk and Asher Sholtz, this unique series is richly woven with Xhosa tradition and delves into themes of ‘manhood’.

In this coming-of-age story, both young men must make the transition from the dusty rural streets to competing at a highbrow private school in city. There is much conflict as one of the boys is royalty and expected to return to his village to assume chieftaincy.

Some of the cast members include Lihleli Tini, the lead alongside popular Oros Mampofu, with actor Zikhona Sodlaka and veteran Connie Chiume in this compelling series.

Grassroots Season 1 will air Fridays at 19h30 on 1Magic Channel 103 from 19 July 2019.

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