Sun, Sep 19, 2021
Madoda Fani iQweqwe carved ceramics. Picture: Greg Beadle

Madoda Fani iQweqwe carved ceramics

Madoda Fani’s iQweqwe exhibition at Southern Guild is an exploration of pattern and movement inspired by insect exoskeletons
Norval Sovereign African Art Prize NSAAP

Norval Sovereign African Art Prize

Norval Foundation and The Sovereign Art Foundation have spearheaded The Norval Sovereign African Art Prize for artists from Africa and the Diaspora
My Whole Body Changed Into Something Else: Stevenson

My Whole Body Changed Into Something Else: Stevenson

my whole body changed into something else is a group exhibition taking place across the STEVENSON galleries in Cape Town and Johannesburg
Rich Mnisi Nyoka exhibition

Rich Mnisi Nyoka collectibles

Rich Mnisi’s bold collectible furniture exhibition, Nyoka, draws on African mythology and the duality of fear and beauty
Tiny Treasures Artb Gallery

Tiny Treasures at Art.b Gallery

A wide variety of artists are on show at the Tiny Treasures exhibition at Art.b Gallery in Bellville – works are sized 20 x 20cm in different mediums
Tandile Mbatsha, a V&A Waterfront Artist Alliance collaborator

V&A Waterfront Artist Alliance application

Young creators can apply to participate in the V&A Waterfront Artist Alliance incubator programme - it spans fine art, photography, film, illustration, and design

Violent Femmes at Art.b

Violent Femmes exhibits at Art.b Gallery interrogating the femme fatale archetype, featuring Anina Deetlefs, Larissa Mwanyama, Lerato Motau, Lizl Bode, more

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