Chester Missing – South Africa’s most vocal and politically-opinionated puppet – will join eNCA with a brand new show, Almost News with Chester Missing, which will air weekly at 7.30pm from Sunday, 25 November 2018. Chester has earned a reputation as one of the country’s toughest political analysts.

Chester Missing on eNCA

The show will take an irreverent look at the current affairs landscape and put high-profile politicians through their paces in interviews only the country’s most famous puppet can get away with. Chester Missing is, of course, delighted: “I have my own TV show. I’m a puppet. Have any of you realised how crazy this is? Someone tell Hlaudi. He broke ground for puppets everywhere.”

Chester’s creator, Conrad Koch, is equally thrilled: “Chester and I are hugely excited to be creating this show with South Africa’s best news source, eNCA, and the amazing award-winning team at Diprente. South Africa has huge room for incisive, hilarious satire as we move towards elections next year. We want to make Almost News with Chester Missing both well researched and really, really funny.”

eNCA’s Editor-In-Chief, Mapi Mhlangu, adds: “Over many years, Chester has become an integral part of the political firmament and has asked questions of our leaders no one else would dare to. And with one or two exceptions, politicians and business leaders love the interchange and are happy to participate. Chester also provides a release valve for South Africans who need to laugh at each other and themselves.”

But be warned, Chester will always have the last word.  “You thought the elections were going to be serious? Ridiculous! Almost News with Chester Missing will solve that, comrades. We will bring you 24 minutes of 100% undiluted ‘tjatjaragness’, every single week,” warns Chester.

What: Almost News with Chester Missing

Where and when: eNCA, DStv Channel 403 from Sunday, 25 November at 7.30pm