Cradle of Creativity 2019, a biennial International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences in South Africa, needs performances! ASSITEJ South Africa has announced a call for performances for the 2019 event.

Cradle of Creativity 2017

“I loved the Cradle of Creativity 2017 – in many ways it was an absolute feat of logistical, creative love of epic proportions. I loved the numbers of African delegates. I loved seeing African theatre. I really felt the impact of having the conference in Africa – of bringing all that global creative energy there – in this moment to give a focus – to inspire, to be inspired. It definitely inspired me. As an Australian it raised many questions about how can I de-colonise my arts practice. Congratulations on a truly inspiring and marvellous global event.” – Australian delegate, Cradle of Creativity 2017.

The success of Cradle of Creativity 2017, which was the first ASSITEJ World Congress to be held on African soil, has inspired ASSITEJ South Africa to host a biennial Cradle of Creativity Festival. The aim is to keep Africa and African artists at the centre of the conversation, developing a greater consciousness amongst the global arts community about the context, the challenges and richness of African theatre for young audiences’ work and allowing for exchange and mutual learning and benefits between Africans and the rest of the world. This festival will showcase South African and African work to the world, and bring international work to African artists and audiences.

Cradle of Creativity 2017

Cradle of Creativity 2019 applications

All artists with young audiences as the target market for their work are encouraged to apply. ASSITEJ South Africa will be looking at work for all ages and stages of childhood and youth from 0 to19 years old. A broad range of disciplines will be considered. The festival will include all types of theatre, including drama, physical theatre, dance theatre, music theatre, puppetry, site-specific performances, storytelling performances, and performances using multi-media, circus and other skills. The festival champions work which speaks to inter-cultural exchange and we encourage collaborative productions.

Selection criteria:

Productions for Cradle of Creativity 2019 will be selected based on:

  • The level of excellence in chosen medium.
  • The level of innovation and originality.
  • The suitability for audience for which it was created.
  • The suitability for an audience of South African children.
  • The way in which the production speaks to the theme: “Intercultural Dialogue”.

The overall programme must include work that:

  • Comes from different parts of the world; different regions of Africa; and different provinces of South Africa.
  • Has been made specifically for each of the different stages of childhood and youth.
  • Reflects different modes of expression: e.g. dance, theatre, puppetry, story-telling, multi-media, immersive experience.
  • Reflects a range of both issue-based theatre with serious subject matter and lighter, entertaining or comic treatment.
  • Is a best practice example or interesting regional variant of its chosen genre, medium, or theme.

To apply: In order to submit a performance to the Festival, the application form should be filled in online at

Deadline: 31 October 2018

Enquiries: Contact Jaqueline Dommisse, Festival Director:

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