Eye of the Pangolin by South African filmmakers Bruce Young Blood Lions and Johan Vermeulen Kalahari Tails
Eye of the Pangolin by filmmakers Bruce Young and Johan Vermeulen

Eye of the Pangolin, a ground-breaking new documentary, was released globally on 17 May, 2019, on Endangered Species Day.

The film tells the story two South African filmmakers who travel the continent to find the elusive African pangolin – the most trafficked mammal on earth.

Along the way they also meet the people who are trying to save the creature which is now on the edge of extinction.

Pangolin wildlife documentary

Award-winning South African filmmakers Bruce Young (Blood Lions) and Johan Vermeulen (Kalahari Tails) are on a mission to capture the African pangolin on film in the hope that if people come to know it, they will care enough to help put a stop to the horrific poaching and illegal trade that is raging around these beguiling creatures about which so little is known.

The most trafficked mammal on earth

Due to an increasingly insatiable market in Asia, the pangolins in that region have almost entirely disappeared, as they continue to be poached and then, either dead or alive, become part of the illegal wildlife trade. Traditional Chinese medicine places great value on the supposed healing powers of pangolin scales and their meat is considered a dining delicacy.

On their journey throughout the continent, Young and Vermeulen encounter many who have fallen under the pangolin’s strange and mesmerising spell. They question the nature of man’s relationship with the wild creatures of this planet and ask: “If we lose the pangolin, do we lose a part of ourselves?”

Eye of the Pangolin documentary film download
Eye of the Pangolin documentary

Eye of the Pangolin download

Filmed on location in South Africa, Ghana, Central African Republic and Gabon, Eye of the Pangolin is available to download and view via numerous online platforms.

Says Young: “Our goal was to make Eye of the Pangolin one of the most watched wildlife documentaries ever.

“Its been made freely available as an open source film, accessible for viewing around the world via online platforms, through educational establishments, at wildlife and conservation film festivals and by way of an intensive screening campaign at educational establishments across Africa and worldwide.”

Production of Eye of the Pangolin film has been made possible with the generous support of WildAid, The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust/Foundation Marchig, Tanglewood Foundation, Biggestleaf Travel and Pangolin Photo Safaris.

Eye of the Pangolin is available for streaming for free via Pangolin.Africa and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2QKPJC0CQY or https://www.pangolin.africa/the-film.

Eye of the Pangolin film: Bruce Young, Johan Vermeulen
When is Endangered Species Day?: 17 May