Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 – Old Style Chaos. The stars of this episode were the extras writes MEGAN FURNISS. Buckets of blood, and plenty of slow mo gore.

I had to avoid the spoilers for this episode on social media like, well, like running away from a fire breathing dragon in King’s Landing, is how. I couldn’t look at twitter all day, and then I just watched the episode, to get it over with.

Although it seemed like twitterati was complaining about this one, I enjoyed it the most of all the episodes this season so far, which isn’t to say it didn’t have lame bits, but it is to say there were some really good bits too.

In this episode Daenerys showed her true colours, Cersei stuck to her own deeply red colour, poor Jon Snow and Arya tried to be the moral compasses in a bloodbath, I have no idea what happened to Tyrion (usually good news), and I assume that it is overs kadovers for Jaime and his sister. The hound and his brother had an epic one on one slash fest, and Jaime and the other Iron born guy who was doing Cersei pre-battle also got stuck in to each other with sword, skull and blade.

But the stars of this episode were the extras. They ran up, and down, and in formation, and outside, and up against the gates, and all over the place before getting engulfed in flames, or trapped in falling bricks, dust and mortar, or whole chunks of buildings, or being stabbed, slashed, dragged or chopped up. They moaned, screamed, cried and panted.

It was the episode of revenge, and old alliances and love. And it played out in a ravaged King’s Landing, which was epic and impressive, and very artistic. The falling buildings were brilliant.

The buckets of blood, especially the slow motion splatters, were gory and amazing, and the flames, dotting the landscape, on chests of charred bodies, in doorways and on piles of dead were very atmospheric and apocalyptic.

But I know why people thought this episode was lame. It’s because, once the battle started, there wasn’t a ton of dialogue, so the music kinda took centre ear, and it was the schlockiest, shmoosiest, grand and old-fashioned musical score and it was totally out of place and wrong.

I can’t think what else needs to happen here, but I am starting to get excited for my post-GoT life.

What: Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 – Old Style Chaos
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